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Zombie OG

Violator Kush is one of the strains you’d wish you’d have found earlier. This seemingly harmless hybrid is anything but. It has a very rich flavour, a one-of-a-kind smoking sensation, and its genetic makeup is superior to many other strains on the market.

Spicy-monster flavour

Any respectable weed strain from any online dispensary should touch upon the Big Three, which are the main aspects of a strain:

  • Flavour – The flavor of spice, pepper, and Kush will violate your senses savagely. The name perfectly resonates with its intended effects. Some instances of Violator Kush may have a more pronounced flavor of Kush and pepper.
  • Fragrance – Violator Kush impresses through the potent earthy and woody fragrances, which will leave you drooling instantly. The pine undertones complete the picture wonderfully.
  • Look – The neon-green nugs with shades of amber combine perfectly with the fiery crimson hairs, and the snow-white coat of trichomes. A single look at Violator Kush is all it takes to drive you mad with lust!

High THC at 23 percent

Most sources would place Violator Kush’s THC levels between 18-23%, which make this a better-than-average strain in terms of potency. It’ll put you under a narcotic spell from the first hit you take. The THC will also make you wilder and more sociable, taking out the enthusiast in you. The CBD levels cap at about 1.5%, making Violator Kush better than most. There’s no surprise the sedative effects are so powerful and overwhelming.

Indica-dominant genetics

Regardless of where you buy the Violator Kush strain, it’ll still be the same Indica-dominant hybrid. There’s about 80% Indica inheritance and 20% Sativa in this strain. Being mainly an Indica, this type of weed gets to your head easily. As soon as you take a smoke, you’ll feel your eyelids falling to the floor. Stay vigilant or else you’ll starts snoring before you know it! Violator Kush will initially ravage your senses with an unquenchable thirst for talking and socializing. Then, the sedation kicks in, intense and ever-present!

Hindu Kush x Malana

The Violator Kush’s parents are known throughout the world since they were designed by Barney’s Farm. Hindu Kush is akin to a god in the weed industry, and Malana serves as its superb counterpart:

  • Malana is a 100% Sativa strain native to Northern India (hence the spice). Its effects can be called frenzied, utterly euphoric, and unstoppably sociable. You’ll laugh at pretty much everything. THC levels can reach 25%.
  • Hindu Kush is the 100% pure Indica from the Hindu Kush mountains brought by weed enthusiasts back in the 60s and 70s through the “hippie trail”. It’s heavily-sedative effects and couch-lock sensation, combined with the 20% THC levels, give the Hindu Kush a potent advantage over other strains.
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