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Zkittlez sounds like something sweet, crunchy, and incredibly tasty. Unsurprisingly, this strain is exactly like that, tasting of sweet fruitiness and berries. The taste is very mellow, giving you a soothing feeling.

Berry and citrus flavour

Zkittlez isn’t just a good-tasting weed strain. It’s one of the most complete strains in terms of flavour and taste richness. You won’t be able resist the rainbow-like flavour of Zkittlez after trying it out:

  • Flavour – Two words for any weed enthusiast – berries and citrus. This is a very sweet and aromatic strain that will leave your palate wanting for more. The grapefruit and tropical aftertaste are to die for!
  • Fragrance – You’ll smell the muskiness of earth, a lot of sweetness coming from the berries, and the herbal-fruity fragrance of ecstasy. You can buy Zkittlez in any online dispensary!
  • Looks – Depending on your predisposition, you may notice the crystal coat of trichomes first, or the amber hairs dotting the dark-olive nugs. Either way, this strain certainly looks the part of a tasty treat!

Medium THC percent

Most strains of Zkittlez only reach about 15% in terms of THC concentration. However, this strain was named the Best Indica in the 2015 Cannabis Cups both in Michigan and San Francisco. After taking a smoke, you’ll feel surrounded by a strong cerebral buzz, with creativity and euphoria inviting you in.

After this comes the relaxation and sedation phase. The buzz will spread throughout your body, making your toes feel tingly and relaxed. Many people use Zkittlez to treat their insomnia, chronic pain, stress, or even depression.

Indica-dominant hybrid

Zkittlez is a 70% Indica hybrid, so it’s no surprise that the cerebral buzz overwhelms your body, relaxing you consistently. The 30% Sativa ensures enough euphoria and energy are instilled in your brain, eliminating anxiety or depression. You should know that Zkittlez helps you obtain peace and temporary relaxation, with a dash of joy and happiness.

Grape Ape x Grapefruit

Zkittlez is a crossbreed between the fruitiest strains in the weed industry – Grape Ape and Grapefruit. Both are incredibly tasty and pack a powerful punch:

  • Grape Ape – This 90% Indica strain reaches up to 21% THC concentration, and it has a powerful grape-like fragrance. There are berry hints hidden in the flavour as well.
  • Grapefruit – With enough citrus and fruity flavour to last you for a lifetime, Grapefruit is a wonderful 70% Sativa strain. Combined with Grape Ape, Grapefruit gives birth to Zkittlez, a rainbow of fruitiness and berry taste.
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