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Z-Strain Chocolates

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Z-Strain Chocolates

Z-Strain Chocolates are one of the easiest and tastiest ways of consuming magic mushrooms for their elevatory and oftentimes hallucinogenic high. Each of these chocolates is infused with the potent psilocybin mushroom known as Z strain. With heightened potency present in each shroom edible, the psychedelic effects can offer a visually entertaining hallucinogenic experience. Z mushroom strain grows to a medium size with light-brown fruiting bodies, offering an energetic and uplifting high for both the body and mind. 

A Psychedelic Encounter

Z-Strain chocolates contain one of the most potent Psilocybe Cubensis strains. The visual hallucinogenic effects of these edibles may be strong and long-lasting, offering an overall well-rounded euphoric high. 

Some of the psychedelic effects, depending on the intensity of its high, influenced by the dosage consumed, may include time warping, fractals, or random objects and elements carrying the illusion of life in them. You may find yourself in an introspective state of euphoria and revelations.

Chocolates For Relaxation

Z-strain chocolates are oftentimes consumed for their gently relaxing effects. You can easily ingest one of these magic shroom edibles in the evening time laying on your couch wanting to enjoy some time off from all the worries and questions of life. 

These shroom-infused chocolates may be fitting for novice users as well, but we do recommend ingesting magic mushroom edibles under the right supervision with someone you trust and feel comfortable with. The emotional state you go in with into this experience may influence the high offered by Z-strain chocolates. We recommend being in a comfortable setting surrounded by positive vibes and great company. 

Dosing And Intensity

The intensity of the hallucinogenic high offered by Z-strain chocolates depends on the dose. If you are new to magic mushrooms and shroom edibles, we highly recommend starting with a small dose for an overall positive and uplifting experience. 

Besides dose, another factor to take into consideration is one’s tolerance level or sensitivity to the effects of these mushroom edibles. For some, the hallucinogenic high may kick in with a smaller dose, while others may require a higher dose to experience that same intensity in effects. The best practice would require for each user to start with the smallest dose possible, wait for a few hours for effects to fully work, and only then consider re-dosing.

Recommendations For Storing And Safety

We recommend storing Z-strain chocolates in a cool and dry place, especially during summertime, to keep them from melting. You may store them in your fridge. Make sure to keep them away from pets, but especially children and the elderly, as they may think them to be regular chocolates.

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