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Wedding Cheesecake

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Wedding Cheesecake

It’s not everyday that you see one of the oldest strains alive, one whose reputation has toured the world. This strain is just as popular as OG Kush, GDP, Hindu Kush, and others. This Indica-dominant strain has a THC concentration of 15-18%, and it’ll sedate your body and mind to a great degree! Even during the beginning phase when euphoria crashes against your mind, you can feel a flow of relaxation seeping through your body, waiting for the right moment to envelop you.

Citrus, woody flavour

What’s not to like about a citrusy, woody flavour that becomes more delicious the more you smoke? This is Wedding Cheesecake:

  • Flavour - A potent dose of citrusy woodiness that stings your taste buds as soon as you take that first smoke.
  • Fragrance - When you start crumbling the nugs, you’ll get an aroma of fruitiness combined with an earthy overtone.
  • Looks - Light-green leaves with darker buds and nugs, covered in a glittering coat of crystal trichomes, and surrounded by orange hairs.

High THC concentration at 15-18%

Euphoria and sedation are the two sides of any cannabis strain. Yet, Wedding Cheesecake uses a flow of euphoric rejuvenation to prepare you for the immense physical sedation later on. During the beginning phase, you should receive an adrenaline-packed surge of euphoria that improves your mood and increases your temporary wellbeing. A sentiment of freedom and weightlessness may take over you, surging endlessly until everything becomes colourful and pretty.

Though, as we said before, this initial euphoric sentiment only serves as an introductory phase to the heavy sedation. A flush of relaxation should creep into your bones and muscles, starting with the top of your head and ending with your toes. As it spreads throughout your body, Wedding Cheesecake’s Indica sedation establishes a state of peerless relaxation. According to users, this form of relaxation is a bit different, and amply more intense than what other strains can offer. It may be because of this strain’s genetic makeup, THC concentration, or something else, yet the effects are there!

Indica-dominant strain

Wedding Cheesecake has 70% Indica dominance over its 30% Sativa profile. This means more sedation and relaxation than euphoric invigoration. Not that you won’t feel euphoric and happy, but rather than this adrenaline-infused state won’t last too long. Once it settles down, endless sedation should surge down on you, giving you a reason to enjoy this blissful comfort. Most consumers have remarked that there’s also a state of couch-lock involved!

God’s Gift X Purple Urkle X Hindu Kush X Big Bud X Durban

In truth, Wedding Cheesecake is one of the oldest strains, and we can only assume these are its parents:

  • God’s Gift - A 90% Indica strain with 20-27% THC and a berry-citrus flavour, God’s Gift is a euphoric and relaxing treat!
  • Purple Urkle - A classical strain said to be an ancestor of Granddaddy Purple, this one is a Sativa-dominant strain with a fruity and skunky flavour.
  • Hindu Kush - Its 22-32% THC concentration makes Hindu Kush one of the most powerful strains in the world. It has a herbal and lemon-pine flavour, as well!
  • Big Bud - Another hyper-potent Indica hybrid with creative and euphoric effects, Big Bud is renowned throughout the world for its sweet aroma.
  • Durban - A Sativa superstar with an unmatched reputation, Durban is very potent and smells of fruity earthiness!
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