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Wedding Cake

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Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is about all you can handle when you’re hungry and craving for a stoning experience. This sweet yet fruity strain will fulfill your desires to a T. Its high-THC level and Indica profile lead to a wholesome and relaxing experience that you’ll wish lasted forever. The best word to describe this experience is “blissful”. Your mind will calm down as soon as you take the first smoke, and then comes the physical sedation.

Berry-based sweet flavour

Wedding Cake offers the best flavour you’ve tasted in years. For those with sweet tooth, this strain is simply the best:

  • Flavour – Fruitiness and berry infusions will surround your taste buds, driving you to the edge of your seat with pleasure and satisfaction. This flavour is one of the more enjoyable ones we’ve seen so far.
  • Fragrance – The first things you’ll smell are the fruitiness and berry aroma. You can’t go wrong with berry-infused strain. The acidic and bittersweet fragrance is only an introduction for what comes next.
  • Looks – Dark-green leaves, surrounded by orange hairs and a thick coat of frosty trichomes. There’s so much frosting you’d believe this was a slice of cake you’re smoking. Well, now we know where the name comes from!

Very high THC at 20-25%

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a high-THC strain that delivers potent effects consistently. Wedding Cake is one such strain. With an average THC of 20-25%, the high starts off slowly and steadily, with a head buzz. There’s 40% Sativa inheritance in this strain, which makes it a little buzzy. Though, the head buzz quickly comes to an end, making way for the bodily sedation.

Everything progresses nicely, until your head becomes foggier by the minute. You can’t really focus anymore, and your energy levels are plummeting. Though, the sedation and physical relaxation are entirely worth it from our perspective. If you enjoy soothing and chill psychoactive experiences, then Wedding Cake is for you!

Indica-dominant hybrid

Wedding Cake is 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, which clearly means you’ll get more relaxation and sedation than euphoria. It’s all good, especially with how sweet and aromatic this strain is. It’s almost like a lullaby taking you to relax and sleep. You may also get a bit hungry as a result.

Cherry Pie X Girl Scout Cookies

Wedding Cake is the progeny of two equally famous and delicious strains, Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies:

  • Cherry Pie – If there’s an absolute fruity strain out there, it’s Cherry Pie. This strain is quite potent, reaching THC levels of 16-24%. With its 80% Indica profile, you can imagine what Cherry Pie will do to you once smoked.
  • Girl Scout Cookies – Few strains are as popular and loved as Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Its THC level can reach astounding concentrations, all the way to 20-28%. Its cherry-lemon, minty, and woody aromas combine perfectly, leading to a crowning sweetness and delicious flavour.
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