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Watermelon Zkittlez

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Watermelon Zkittlez

Watermelon Zkittlez is part of the more delicious strains out there, with a juicy watermelon flavour that you’ll learn to love. It also tastes of citrus and berries, which make it even better. As for its effects, this strain is a 70% Indica-dominant hybrid with a 20-25% THC concentration. Clearly, it’ll offer a lazy and sedative experience that ends up with you couch-locked and unfocused. Though, you’ll also get an injection of euphoria and electrifying cerebral effects.

Berry, citrus, and sweet flavour

This strain is aptly named Watermelon Zkittlez for its juicy, delicious, and sweet taste, like so:

  • Flavour – The berry-infused sweetness and fruity aroma combines perfectly with the citrus and the sourness toward the end.
  • Fragrance – More berry, more citrus, and more fruitiness as main aromas. Though, you’ll also smell an earthy herbal sourness that wasn’t there before. It’s great!
  • Looks – Dark-olive green nugs taking the shape of hearts, with rich purple undertones and orange hairs that grow unimpeded. There are also white-crystal trichomes covering Watermelon Zkittlez!

High THC concentration 20-25%

While Watermelon Zkittlez may not be the most potent strain out there, it’s also not the weakest. It’s above-average, especially with its 20-25% THC concentration. With so much THC, the effects will be on the potent side, with ample euphoria flooding your mind from the first smoke. A cerebral buzz will take over you, enhancing your creativity and motivation, while also uplifting your mood. It’ll eliminate your worries and stress rather quickly, as well.

More importantly, Watermelon Zkittlez is capable of relaxing your body to a level where you’re completely sedated. Despite being 30% Indica, this strain can still offer a lazy afternoon with a bit of a couch-lock sedation. You’ll be left unfocused and euphoric in a blissful state of deep relaxation. You won’t want it to end at all, and this makes Watermelon Zkittlez that much better!

Indica-dominant hybrid

This strain is dominantly inclined toward Indica effects, which means you’ll experience unmatched relaxation and sedation. Though, this only happens when the high reaches a peak and you start feeling that physical buzz taking over you. Before this, you’ll be flooded with euphoric energy flows that keep waking you up. The physical effects are more than satisfactory, being able to relax you even when you’re most stressed or exhausted. You’ll be deeply anchored down, preferably on the couch!

Zkittlez X Watermelon

No surprises there, as Watermelon Zkittlez is a cross between Zkittlez and Watermelon, two different yet somehow similar strains:

  • Zkittlez – Average THC strain with 70% Indica inheritance, and a superb berry-sweet flavour that brings grapefruit, citrus, grape, and herbal flavours to the table. It’s supremely tasty and sedative!
  • Watermelon – Fresh, sweet, and juicy watermelon taste, with a fruity and tropical sweetness waiting for you. Its 25-29% overpowered THC concentration brings unmatched potency to an otherwise soothing and pleasant experience.
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