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Watermelon Frost

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Watermelon Frost

Watermelon Frost brings sedation back into the game in full force. It’s not like you weren’t looking forward to this. There’s almost no energetic vibe going on, only a soothing and calming full-body experience that spreads forward indiscriminately. And when you think things couldn’t get any better, you’ve also got the delicious watermelon flavour to take care of. There’s a hint of spicy peppers somewhere around there, waiting for you to inhale them!

Sweet watermelon flavour

This strain reeks of herbal extracts, sweet oak smells, and a potent watermelon flavour. Basically this:

  • Flavour - Between the pine and wood fresh flavour, and the sweet and juicy watermelon taste, which will impress you more?
  • Fragrance - Skunky gas, vanilla sweetness, and one big dose of fruitiness that’s yours for the next few hours. What’s not to like?
  • Looks - This strain has smell flowers, with small and spicy peppers, with green and purple colours. The nugs are covered in orange hairs and milky crystalized trichomes.

High THC concentration at 25-28%

Watermelon Frost places you into a whirlwind of relaxation and sedation. In the beginning, though, you may experience a pleasant cerebral onset of euphoria and pleasure. These energy waves will be quite rejuvenating, though they won’t last long. In a couple of minutes, your body will be fraught with endless relaxation and sedative comfort. We’re talking about clear-cut tranquility and physical relaxation here, and Watermelon Frost is best at this!

Indica-dominant hybrid

A strain such as Watermelon Frost could only be Indica-dominant, considering its effects. It’s not a full-fledged Indica, but rather a hybrid, which makes it all the better. After your mind is completely overhauled by the spike of euphoria and energetic rejuvenation, you’re ready to receive the physical sedation and relaxation. This should improve your quality of life and help with stress and exhaustion more than anything else. But it’s highly satisfying and relaxing, as well!

Watermelon X Jack Frost

Watermelon Frost brings to bear immense potency and a truly delicious flavour, all of this from its parents:

  • Watermelon - An insanely delicious bud with Indica properties, Watermelon tastes of grapes, sweet and tropical herbs, and pungent fruitiness. Its THC concentration is somewhere between 25-29%, as well.
  • Jack Frost - Balanced strain with a creative and energizing flow of euphoria that heighten your focus and relaxes your mind. With its citrus-infused pine flavour and earthy-lemon aroma, Jack Frost is a veritable treat for most users.
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