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Wasabi is visually gorgeous, intoxicatingly potent, and delicious. We should go into more details, though. In terms of profile, this strain is 60% Indica, with a 13-20% THC concentration. Clearly, it can dish out hard hits of sedation and relaxation once the high reaches a peak. In the beginning phase, a slight tinge of euphoria will take control of your mind, enlivening your boredom and sleepiness. Though, it doesn’t last long as the Indica effects start kicking in.

Rich earthy pine flavour

Giving Wasabi a taste will reveal all kinds of flavours and aromas, due to its high complexity:

  • Flavour - Fresh pine and spicy flowery taste are both revealed on a tentative taste of Wasabi. There’s a mellow herbal tea flavour toward the very end, as well.
  • Fragrance - More spiciness and flowery perfume are waiting for you. On the exhale, you’ll get a pine aroma that’s quite fresh and rejuvenating.
  • Looks - Wasabi has fluffy and rounded nugs, with vivid-orange hairs growing by their side. A coat of tiny white crystal trichomes is spread across the bud, as well.

High THC between 13-20% concentration

A THC concentration of 13-20% means Wasabi can be relatively weak or extremely potent, depending on the strain itself. When it reaches the peak of potency, this strain can deliver instant euphoria and immediate gratification impulses. You’ll thoroughly enjoy the motivation and higher energy levels, but the true satisfaction comes when you go through the physical effects. After all, this strain is 60% Indica dominant, and it emphasizes heavy sedation and relaxation.

Indica-dominant hybrid

Being Indica-dominant means this strain is a hybrid, a cross between two other hybrids. The end-result is 60% Indica dominance, which means the relaxing effects will be a tad more powerful than the Sativa ones. In this particular case, the 40% Sativa heritage ensures a healthy dose of euphoria and motivation. There’s a bit of enlivening creativity waiting for you. But toward the peak of the high, deep relaxation and mental tranquility are waiting for you.

Gelato #33 X Orange Punch

Wasabi is a cross between the following two strains:

  • Gelato #33 - A cross between infamous strains Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, Gelato #33 is insanely delicious and good-looking. Its potency is quite high on this list, as well.
  • Orange Punch - Indica-dominant hybrid with 20-24% THC concentration, Orange Punch tastes of citrus, grape, and skunky sourness, with a deep aroma of dankness and sweet citrus.
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