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Violator OG

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Violator OG

This cannabis strain, originally created in the Netherlands, tends to offer a bountiful yield of up to 450 gm2. It is a cross between Hindu Kush and Malana, and because it is so strongly rooted in such genetics often used for making hash, it should come of no surprise experiencing a hash flavour in Violator OG. This Indica dominant hybrid is best suited for nighttime use due to its strong body high that quickly translates into a couchlock effect. This heavy body stone is often enjoyed by medical cannabis users to help with sleeplessness, nausea and stress. Violator OG, also referred to as Violator Kush, contains approximately 80% Indica and about 20% Sativa. Its THC count goes as high as 24%, while its CBD content is about 1.5%. This strain might be all you need on a day off to help you fully relax and let both your body and mind to simply let go of any stress and worry as they recharge.

Bushy Looks and Spicy Taste

This strain is quite short in height growing up to about 50 centimetres, but its shortness does not rule out its heavy, dense structure. Violator Kush is a bushy plant that features large dark green leaves with very heavy and dense buds, oftentimes in need of support to prevent breakage. The buds look stunning with their orange-brown pistils. The fragrance of this strain does not go unnoticeable. It has a pungent smell that carries a combination of earthy and musty hash, that is reported to be quite pleasant. Its taste features a hint of pine woods with a spicy peppery undernote, that overall offers a delightful flavour to its consumers.

Beneficial Effects and Health Properties

This strain can be considered quite the expert when it comes to inducing a powerful physical high, which is highly enjoyed by many recreational users, and makes it a widely sought after marijuana by many medical users. The onset of its body high can be experienced as a slow, calming, and very relaxing state. This causes a boost in your mood, leaving you feeling liberated from stress, anxiety and worries, and it can potentially induce some creative thinking. You can experience as the effects calm every inch of your body, easing up muscle tensions to offer you a complete and wholesome state of relaxation. Considering that this is a powerful strain, soon the physical high will start to intensify, which can cause a couch-lock effect. This powerful high, with some sedative properties, can help you get relief from symptoms and chronic pains and aches, while managing stress levels and help deal with depression, PTSD, and other conditions. Due to its heavy high, Violator Kush is highly recommended for those looking to get a really good night’s sleep. It is oftentimes also used to help with digestive complications, including nausea and appetite loss. You can finally have time off from negativity and difficulties caused by mental and physical challenges. Buy Violator OG to find your way to ease, comfort and a wholesome relaxation.
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