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Vanilla Frosting

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Vanilla Frosting

Vanilla Frosting has a striking name, and it’s a justified one. The main flavour is that of vanilla, combined with sweet flowers. As for the frosting, it’s due to the thick layer of crystal trichomes on the buds. This strain is a 65% Indica with an emphasis on sedation and relaxation. You’ll feel creative, motivated, and more focused than ever before. Vanilla Frosting is quite potent in its own right.

Super vanilla flavour

The sweet and creamy flavour of vanilla overwhelms every other aroma contained by this strain:

  • Flavour – Vanilla, vanilla, and vanilla yet again. When you take a first toke, you’ll feel the smooth herbal smoke touch your brain, spreading through your lungs.
  • Fragrance – The pungent smell of flowers and vanilla cream makes way for spicy earthiness. All of these whiffs combine perfectly into a delicious treat.
  • Looks – Vanilla Frosting has deep-purple undertones atop the green nugs, while the amber-light hairs dance freely. There’s a thin coat of snowy trichomes spread across the nugs, as well.

High THC at 12-18%

The THC may sometimes go beyond 18%, which results in a very potent experience with Vanilla Frosting. The cerebral onset begins with a rush of creativity and happiness flooding your brain. As it reaches a peak, the euphoria turns into relaxation and contemplation. Your focus is sharper than ever before thanks to the way Vanilla Frosting acts on your mind. It’s a good idea to start contemplating right about now. Or go to sleep. This strain will help you sleep better than ever before!

Indica-dominant hybrid

Due to the Indica dominance, Vanilla Frosting is perfect for those of you who want a dose of relaxation and contemplation. You can buy this weed strain from any online dispensary. Many medical patients use this strain to alleviate symptoms of depression, chronic stress, chronic fatigue, ADD and ADHD, and migraines. Its therapeutic potential is quite extensive compared to other strains.

Humboldt Frost OG x Humboldt Gelato BX3

Vanilla Frosting comes from two similar strains – Humboldt Frost OG and Humboldt Gelato BX3:

  • Humboldt Frost OG – This diesel-flavoured strain is Indica-dominant, which means it delivers deep sedation. We recommend it for the treatment of PTSD, depression, and chronic pain. Many people use it as a sleep aid, as well.
  • Humboldt Gelato BX3 – Another Indica-dominant strain with a THC ranging at about 12-18%, Humboldt Gelato BX3 impresses through its Indica-dominant high. The cerebral high branches out, touching your head and body in a wholly rejuvenating manner.
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