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Our Top Three Strains for Psilocybin Mushrooms

Often, even experienced magic mushroom users are surprised to discover that there are multiple strains of psilocybin fungi. However, psilocybin mushrooms - much like cannabis - come in countless variations. All strains of psilocybin mushrooms aren't created equal, though. Some strains offer more powerful psychedelic experiences than others, while some may modify their effects with more powerful emotions or visual hallucinations.We chose our three favourite types of magic mushrooms for general use and took a deep dive into their background and effects. To learn more about these strains of psilocybin fungi, check out our guide to magic mushroom strains below.

Magic Mushroom Strains

Psilocybin appears in about 5 different genera of mushrooms (“genera” means “more than one genus”). They include copelandia, gymnopilus, inocybe, panaeolus, pholiotina, pleteus, and psilocybe. Each of these genera contain dozens of strains of mushrooms containing psilocybin. These mushrooms grow naturally worldwide, although certain strains are unique to specific regions. Our three favourite strains all come from one genus and species: psilocybe cubensis.

We've included a breakdown of those strains here. Golden Teachers offer great guidance and mellow moods. Penis Envy imparts a more powerful psychedelic experience for experienced psychonauts. Finally, Albino Goldies are a hybrid that combine a heady high and physical effects.

Golden Teachers

This classic strain of magic mushrooms is one of the best-known psychedelic fungi in the world. Golden Teachers are thought to have originated in the Florida wilderness in the 1980s. They're a member of the psilocybe genus and cubensis species of fungi. Golden Teachers have a unique appearance boasting golden-yellow caps that are brightly-coloured along their edges and fade to dark orange in the centre of the cap. Their long white-orange stalks are speckled with orange and yellow dots.

A trained psychonaut can distinguish Golden Teachers from other types of cubensis mushrooms because of their elegant stems and wide umbrella caps. Golden Teachers also tend to grow more slowly than other members of their species and take longer to fruit, but this also allows them to develop more psilocybin than faster-growing strains.

The clear-headed guidance Golden Teachers offer is an effect that makes them popular among newer or inexperienced psilocybin psychonauts. They tend to set in after between 10 and 30 minutes and last up to six hours. Many advocates report that Golden Teachers instill a deep sense of spirituality instead of just a psychedelic trip. Most users recommend a dose of around two grams for a significant experience. Golden Teachers commonly leave users with a significant “afterglow,” meaning the lessons they learn during their trip stick with them even after it ends.

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Penis Envy Cubensis

This is another popular strain of psilocybin mushroom that's immediately identifiable even to the untrained eye. With a thick stalk that tapers upwards and a bulbous orange cap, even the harshest critic will concede that Penis Envy bears a striking resemblance to male genitalia.

Penis Envy is a member of the cubensis species and the result of recessive genetic mutations. There's no confirmed information on the origin of Penis Envy. However, some believe that mycologist Steven Pollock derived this strain from a type of Amazonian cubensis by breeding it to exhibit certain recessive traits.

It has a few commonalities with other cubensis mushrooms, like its cap, which is brighter-coloured around its edges and becomes darker towards its centre. However, Penis Envy stalks are much thicker than their cubensis cousins, Golden Teachers.

Like Golden Teachers, Penis Envy mushrooms take longer to grow and mature than many other strains, which leaves them with a higher psilocybin concentration than many other strains. In fact, some strains of Penis Envy are twice or three times as powerful as other strains. As a result, a user doesn't need to take that much to feel its effects - most find that eating about a gram is enough to initiate a powerful psychedelic experience.

Users will begin to feel elevated mood within half an hour. Next, they'll begin to notice time dilation and hallucinations. High doses can lead to synesthesia, or the ability to hear colours and taste sounds. The full experience can last more than six hours depending on dosage.

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Albino Goldies

Albino Goldies are a hybrid magic mushroom that originated from crossing Golden Teachers with Albino A+. As a result, its features are a mix of its parents. Albino Goldies have a spindly, dainty shape similar to Albino A+ while taking on the golden-yellow colour scheme of Golden Teachers. Like the other two strains we mentioned earlier, Albino Goldies is a member of the psilocybe cubensis family of psychedelic mushrooms.

Thanks to their heritage as a hybrid, the experience that Albino Goldies offer is a combination of both its ancestors. Albino A+ has a reputation for a quick, physical high centred more in the body than the mind. Higher doses can lead to more intense visual hallucinations. Albino Goldies combine this with the effects of its other parent, Golden Teachers, which offer the serene guidance we detailed earlier. These effects can set in after less than ten minutes and last between four and six hours.

Finding Fungi

There are a few options for intrepid psychonauts who want to experience any of our top strains of magic mushrooms for themselves. It's possible to purchase spores and grow kits online to farm your own fungi. However, this isn't always the best option for many magic mushroom enthusiasts. Growing your own mushrooms can be a difficult task for an inexperienced amateur mycologist, and any errors in the process can result in poisonous mushrooms that will make you sick, not high.

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