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Tom Ford Pink Kush

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Tom Ford Pink Kush

Tom Ford Pink Kush may have something to do with Tom Ford, the actor. We don’t know that for sure. However, this Indica-dominant hybrid looks gorgeous, has an undeniable taste, and it’ll take you through a potent head high. Its effects last a while longer than most cannabis strains in any online dispensary.

Honey-citrus flavour

Tom Ford Pink Kush may have the richest flavour in the world. As for the aroma, it reeks of sour sweetness and herbal whiffs. It’ll make you want to try more and more, until you smoke all of it:

  • Flavour – After you take smoke, you’ll feel an aftertaste of woody citrus, with a pinch of sour honey spiked in-between. These are complemented perfectly by the added flavours of earthiness.
  • Fragrance – The fragrance is entirely similar to the flavours. It’s more of the same rich woody fragrance, spiked with honey, citrus, and sweet earthiness. It’s not at all pungent or unpleasant. The smell is pure bliss.
  • Looks – This weed strain impresses through the crystal coating of trichomes perched atop the rounded green nugs. You may notice shades of pink and purple here and there. The orange hairs complete the picture with style, giving you one last reason to smoke Tom Ford Pink Kush.

High THC at 25 percent

For any weed strain you buy online, 25% THC concentration is impressive. Even against the strongest strains out there, Tom Ford Pink Kush never falters. It’ll place you in deep couch-lock, with your mind and body fully sedated. If you’ve never tried a sedative strain before, Tom Ford Pink Kush is a good choice. It has soothing effects that affect your mind progressively. The impact isn’t violent or unexpected. You’ll slide down into a state of bliss and positivity!

Indica-dominant hybrid

The Tom Ford Pink Kush strain could only be an Indica-dominant strain. Otherwise, we can’t explain the highly therapeutic benefits. People use it to alleviate anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and pain, and even insomnia. If you’re a regular insomniac, take a puff before going to sleep, and you should have a good night’s rest.

This strain lets you achieve bliss, relaxation, and comfort easily and efficiently. The sedative feeling that numbs your head will slowly spread throughout your body. At the peak of the high, Tom Ford Pink Kush puts you to sleep without even noticing. That’s why most insomniacs use it to treat their medical condition.

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