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Sweet Tooth

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Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth reveals itself as a succulent and delicious fruity strain that’s just as sweet as the next best thing around – chocolate cookies. The pleasant taste will convince you that this strain is no third-rate bud, but rather a premium cannabis strain worth acquiring. In terms of psychoactive effects, Sweet Tooth offers balanced benefits, with Indica and Sativa effects in store. There’s sedation and euphoria galore, you just have to discover it!

Fruity and candy flavour

There’s nothing more pleasant that Sweet Tooth’s fruity and sweet flavour and aroma. You’ll love every characteristic of it:

  • Flavour – A berry-infused sweet flavour that brings a candy-like creaminess. There’s a fresh taste of wood that goes along with everything here.
  • Fragrance – This strain is fragrant in a fruity and flowery way, like nothing else you’ve smelt or tasted before. It’s a real treat for anyone!
  • Looks – With its green-coloured leaves and rusty look, Sweet Tooth is quite impressive, even for veteran consumers. You’ll be awed by how good it looks.

High THC concentration at 15-18%

This may not be the strongest strain out there, but its balanced effects rely on its average THC concentration to promote outstanding psychoactive effects. You’ll receive an extra dose of euphoria and happiness just as soon as you finish that first smoke. It’ll come rampaging in your mind, lifting your spirits and enhancing your creativity while at it. This is a true mind-boosting strain that’ll improve your mood well beyond your usual self!

If that was all, then Sweet Tooth wouldn’t have won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2001. But it did, and this means there’s something else other than euphoria to it. As soon as the high reaches a peak and the euphoria settles down, you’ll start feeling a crawling numbness spreading throughout your body. Soon, you’ll start feeling lazy and immovable. That’s the physical sedation giving you a taste of peak relaxation and comfort.

Balanced effects

The single best thing about Sweet Tooth other than its sweet flavour is its balanced profile. This strain plays around with Indica and Sativa effects in equal measures, dishing out intense euphoria just as easily as it sedates your mind and body. The long-lasting effects of the energetic euphoria will outclass your worries and stress. From the first smoke, you’ll feel much happier and more relaxed. Then, the sedation begins, and everything becomes even better!

Afghani Indica X Hawaiian Sativa

Sweet Tooth combines two of the greatest strains in the industry:

  • Afghani Indica – This strain has no match in terms of body high intensity. Its THC concentration is 16-20%, and its purity is absolute. It tastes of herbal extracts, pine, and spicy sweetness.
  • Hawaiian Sativa – This pure Sativa strain caps its THC concentration at 15-21%, offering intense creative and euphoric effects to consumers. The high is cerebral-only, with almost no sedation. And a lemon-menthol flavour, no less!
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