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Sweet OG

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Sweet OG

Sweet OG is a fairly balanced strain with a bit of Sativa dominance and a THC concentration of 18-23%. Its effects should veer toward heightened euphoria in the beginning. Your first smoke should bring forth a euphoric break, marked by enthusiastic giggling and an improvement to your mood. As you feel your motivation being enhanced, Sweet OG should make you chattier and more communicative than before. It’s a great strain for those boring moments when you’re all out of ideas.

Lemon-infused flavour

This strain sticks to the base fundamentals when it comes to flavour and aroma:

  • Flavour - Lemon sweetness as an all-rounder flavour makes Sweet OG a very pleasing and delicious strain. There’s a kush smell that becomes a bit pungent toward the end.
  • Fragrance - The skunky pungency that comes on the exhale is a flavour you’ll have to get used to. But the lemon aroma is delicious!
  • Looks - Its dark-green buds stick together with the resinous nugs, covered in a coat of frosty trichomes and orange hairs.

High THC concentration at 18-23%

With such a high THC concentration, Sweet OG offers highly-intoxicating effects. One smoke is enough to get you high at first, though it’ll take a lot more to get you on way to being super stoned. At first, you may feel a cerebral buzzing improving your mood and bringing a bit of laughter to the table. As your enthusiasm shines brightly again, users report going through a period of giggles and euphoric shifts. It’s all good as long as you have fun!

Sweet OG’s physical effects begin once the euphoric state settles in. At this moment, you may feel more relaxed than usual, but that’s just the start. This strain has a sturdy reputation among its users, showing great relaxing potential once taken to its natural end. It may even sedate you once the relaxation reaches a peak. Either way, it should calm your mind and sedate your body quickly.

Sativa-dominant hybrid

Sweet OG’s profile is quite balanced, with only a slight Sativa dominance if anything. This Sativa direction brings more euphoria during the initial phase. You’ll be happier and more communicative for a time, and this is passed even during the relaxing phase. All in all, Sweet OG is totally worth it for any consumer, or such are the user reports.

OG Kush X Afgooey X Double Purple Doja

This strain comes from a triple-deadly combination:

  • OG Kush - It needs no introduction since it’s one of the most popular strains in the world. The Indica sedation of OG Kush is widely known and respected throughout the world!
  • Afgooey - This strain offers an uplifting cerebral high that should lead to sleepiness later on. The nutty-pine aroma is quite delicious, as well.
  • Double Purple Doja - A rare strain, Double Purple Doja is 70% Indica and it has 12-17% THC. Naturally, its effects veer toward relaxation and calmness, and it also brings a berry and grape flavour to the table.
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