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Super Lemon OG

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Super Lemon OG

Super Lemon OG is like whirlwind of lemon and diesel that takes you all the way up to the eye of the storm. Once you get there, you’ll find yourself sedated with ample relaxation and tranquility. This 60% Indica strain offers a creeping warming buzz that makes you hungry and encourages you to stay still on the couch. Relaxation has never been so sweet and comfortable before! Super Lemon OG is also quite euphoric and energetic.

Citrus, diesel, and earthy flavour

What this strain can do with its flavour, other strains can only dream of:

  • Flavour – A lemon-infused taste fills your mouth, sending signals of spicy diesel and sweet citrus to your taste buds. It’s a taste you don’t want to miss out on!
  • Fragrance – Just more of the same citrus-infused aroma, with a bit of diesel and pungent earthiness to top things off. It’s a really good smell that instills the munchies immediately.
  • Looks – This strain is very resinous, with a thick of white crystalized trichomes that shine off quite nicely. The nugs are dark-green, with a musty appearance, surrounded by fiery-orange hairs.

High THC at 20-22%

Super Lemon OG offers a potent experience, whether we’re talking about Indica or Sativa effects. Despite being Indica-dominant, this strain offers a powerful cerebral experience during the beginning phase. It’ll make you insanely happy, enthusiastic, and filled with raucous energy that you have to spend somehow. Most importantly, it’ll motivate you by sending a blissful rush of adrenaline through your veins. That’s how Super Lemon OG rolls!

But that’s not all, fortunately. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, the euphoria settles down, only to welcome the creeping sedation. It begins slowly and steadily, with a warm buzzing feeling going on around your head. As it spreads downward, you’ll feel more and more sedated and numbed. This strain is great for relaxing your body and helping you deal with stress or exhaustion.

Indica-dominant hybrid

That’s right, this stain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that you should learn to respect. Its effects only serve to get you high and relaxed. It’ll improve your quality of life immensely during the few hours you’re stoned. By improving your mood and enhancing your motivation, Super Lemon OG prepares the physical high that occurs later on. When the effects reach a peak and you feel blissful, that’s when the physical sedation starts kicking down the doors!

Super Lemon Haze X Captain Krypt OG

This sweet-lemon squeezy strain that’s so delicious and potent is a cross between two tasty and powerful strains:

  • Super Lemon Haze – This Sativa-dominant hybrid smells of lemon spiciness and sweetness, tastes of candies and tangerines, while offering a 20-25% THC concentration.
  • Captain Krypt – A creative and relaxing bud that makes you sociable, Captain Krypt also tastes of flowery herbal extracts, sweetness, and peppery earthiness. Its effects are Indica-dominant, though, with ample relaxation and sedation.
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