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Sunset Sherbet by Living Soil Organic

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Sunset Sherbet by Living Soil Organic

Sunset Sherbet by Living Soil Organic is an evening strain carrying up to 85% Indica and 15% Sativa. The THC levels of this cannabis plant can reach as high as 29%, although some batches deliver moderate potency. The mentally and physically relaxing high of this strain is a great fit for an evening at home, either alone or with friends, watching a great movie while chilling on the couch. As a warm sensation of positive energy flows through your mind and body, calming your thoughts and relaxing your muscles clearing out tension, you may want to just stay glued to your couch until a deep sleep takes over. The aroma and flavour of Sunset Sherbet are sugary sweet with tropical and tart notes dominating. Subtle hints of earthy and skunky notes can be noticed as well.

Potent Yet Easy-Going

Sunset Sherbet by Living Soil Organic is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. This weed strain features beautiful looks with deep patches of violet contrasted by thick orange pistils against the dark green buds. 

The potency of this marijuana plant routinely reaches in the high twenties, making this bud a good fit for experienced users. The body high of Sunset Sherbet can be heavy and numbing. It may lock you to the couch, with a warm embrace of calmness. As tensions are being alleviated, chilling and relaxing will become much easier. 

A Deep Calmness

The sense of deeper calmness offered by Sunset Sherbet can clear out negative worries and anxious thoughts from your mind. Your mind will most likely be in an unfocused and dreamy state, overtaken by a comforting sense of ease and euphoria. 

Happy feelings may cover you as your mind and body slip into a deeper state of relaxation and calmness. You may feel uplifted and elevated with positive vibrations. Your hunger may increase significantly during this high.

A Night Of Restful Sleep

As the euphoric and relaxing effects of Sunset Sherbet by Living Soil Organic, a soothing sense of sleepiness will make its appearance, leading your mind and body into a deeper sense of ease. As the high of this cannabis strain will start to wear off, you may feel sleepy enough to get under the covers. 

The sleepy and sedative high of this weed strain may induce a sleep that will last through the night, offering sleep that is restful and uninterrupted.

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