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Sugar Black Rose

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Sugar Black Rose

When a strain such as Sugar Black Rose appears on the market, consumers crowd to buy it. There are too few strains with a heavy emphasis on relaxation and sedative applications. This is one of the best among them! With its THC concentration of 18-21% and CBD concentration of 1-5%, Sugar Black Rose offers a predominantly relaxing euphoria and happiness that descends into sedation later on. You’ll feel your body become numb and fuzzy with warmth, and that’s a good sign!

Floral and fruity flavour

Sugar Black Rose is quite likable in terms of flavour and aroma, with a musky yet sweet taste that never gets old:

  • Flavour - A fruity taste with hints of berries will surprise you on the first toke. Then, as you smoke even more, you’ll feel a more potent berry infusion on the exhale.
  • Fragrance - Sugar Black Rose has a floral smell with hints of pungent earthiness and sweet fruits.
  • Looks - This is a big plant, with dense buds sheltered by dark-green leaves. Its nugs are quite small, covered in a crystalized layer of white trichomes

High THC concentration at 18-21%

What makes this strain better than most is its Indica-dominant effects. With a THC concentration of 18-21%, it’s unlikely it won’t get you super high in a couple of moments. You won’t even realize when the cerebral high takes over you because it’s nearly indiscernible. After all, the heavy emphasis is on the physical effects, though the euphoric and focus-related effects will get you in the right mood. After the high reaches a peak, Sugar Black Rose sends relaxing shivers down your spine.

This is how the physical experience begins, with clear and discernible body buzzing. You’ll feel a warmth coming down on your spine, all the way to your toes, and the numbness spreads forward indiscriminately. Soon, you’ll be at odds with your body, because it wants to go to sleep and lie low for a couple of hours. If you have work to do until then, tough luck!

Indica-dominant hybrid

Sugar Black Rose is an Indica-dominant hybrid with 80% Indica inheritance. This leads to vastly more relaxing effects compared to euphoric ones. While this doesn’t mean you won’t receive a mood-boosting effect, it won’t be as powerful as what other strains can offer. However, the relaxation and sedation are plenty powerful, and they’ll improve your mood by quite a lot.

Critical Bilbo X Black Domina

This strain is a cross between the brilliant strains Critical Bilbo and Black Domina. Both of them are equally potent and delicious:

  • Critical Bilbo - This strain is a perfect hybrid with a 15-18% THC concentration, and a berry-honeyed flavour. Its aroma is very sweet, while its effects are quiet calming and relaxing
  • Black Domina - With 95% Indica properties, this super potent strain has 18-24% THC concentration, and a preference for super deep body highs. Its effects are very relaxing and sedative, to the point where you’ll feel sleepy from just the first toke.
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