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Strawberry cannabis is one of the most flavourful and tastiest strains on the market. It packs a powerful punch of fruitiness, with spicy citrus, and earthy overtones. It can reach to 18% THC at its max, and 15% at its lowest. Its genetics are fairly unknown but we do know it’s a near-perfect Sativa-Indica hybrid. As for the effects, they’re quite balanced, in that you’ll feel euphoric, energetic, and creative but after a while, sedation will follow.

Mouth-watering strawberry-cream taste

Most of us have experienced the taste of strawberries topped with whip cream. Well, you can expect more of the same taste when you try this strain. The smell is earthy, with some woody touches, but the taste is to die for. You’ll get the best cerebral high you’ve had in some time now. When it comes to taste, nothing compares to the sweetness and fragrance of the Strawberry.

50% Indica to 50% Sativa

This is the best approximation we can give for the Strawberry, since its genetic heritage is covered in mystery. However, that’s all we need. Knowing the Indica-to-Sativa ratio nears 50-50 is enough to determine that the psychotropic affects are binary – euphoria and utmost relaxation wrapped together.

THC-infused euphoric journey

While the Strawberry isn’t one of the strongest strains out there, it’s certainly among the most versatile. You can smoke it any time of the day because it won’t put you under a complete couch-lockdown. Instead, you’ll feel a rush of euphoria and creativity exploding in your body. Afterward, the relaxation and sedation will kick in. For some, it might put them into prolonged hibernation.

Chronic pain relief & depression cure

The Strawberry tastes like something out of a fairy-tale – it’s simply delicious. The taste soon leads to a powerful surge of euphoria, inner happiness, and satisfaction taking over your body. The THC concentration also ensures any chronic pains will fade away for some time. Anxiety and depression will also diminish during this period.

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