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Skywalker Alien

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Skywalker Alien

Skywalker Alien is an Indica dominant strain approximately carrying the ratio of 75/25 (Indica/Sativa), making it a great weed to enjoy in the evening. Its high THC levels that average between 26-28% can make the effects of this marijuana bud potent and long-lasting. Its aroma and flavour packed with notes of pungent pepper and chemicals are not everyone’s favourite, but if you can get used to it, you can enjoy the benefits of Skywalker Alien. 

An Evening Of Relaxation

Skywalker Alien is best known for its relaxing properties that can help both your body and mind tap into a state of ease and comfort. Generally, a euphoric cerebral high accompanies the relaxing effects offered by this strain. Some users may feel some tingling sensations in different parts of their bodies. This can translate into a couch-lock effect if you consume a dosage that is higher than your tolerance level. 

With the right dosage, Skywalker Alien can help you enjoy a quiet evening at home, chilling, forgetting about tasks and any other activities, and simply resting your mind and body. This cannabis weed may offer beneficial pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects as well. 

Best For Experienced Users

Because Skywalker Alien can effectively address a variety of demotivating concerns, such as ones caused by stress or depression due to its mood-boosting properties, this Indica weed can be appealing to new users as well. But this bud is very potent, so if you are new, this is not the strain you might want to start with. 

If you are an experienced user and your taste buds are not sensitive Skywalker Alien could be a good fit for you. This marijuana bud may decrease nausea while boosting your appetite. 

A Good Nights Sleep

Skywalker Alien is appreciated by many of its users because of its relaxing and soothing effects. When the right dosage of this strain matches your tolerance levels, your body can step into a state of relaxation more easily. This can help with sleep as well. Many users report that with Skywalker Alien, they can fall asleep easier. 

When smoking this strain, we recommend keeping water close by or any other non-alcoholic drinks to soothe your throat if needed. The smoke of Skywalker Alien can be a bit harsh. With a higher dose, your throat might feel some mild irritation.

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