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Sherbet doesn’t let anything slide away as it sedates your mind and body from the first toke you take. While it’ll energize your mind during the beginning phase, the calming effects being shortly afterward. A wave of euphoria hits you, boosting your mood and elevating your energy levels, leaving you ready for the ensuing sedation. When the high reaches a peak, that’s when the physical effects begin, relaxing you thoroughly in the meantime.

Creamy and fruity flavour

Sherbet is a striking name that reflects its delicious nature. This is one of the creamiest strains you’ve tried, with a nice touch of fruitiness and sweet tanginess:

  • Flavour - One taste is all it takes to impress you. Sherbet has a superb creamy flavour that gives off vibes of tanginess and fruitiness. The sweet aroma is unmistakable and very intense.
  • Fragrance - Nothing too complicated with Sherbet, only a sweet, fruity aroma that floods your taste buds and nostrils. It’ll go down toward your lungs, leaving you reeking of sweet fruits. Watch the fruit bats!
  • Looks - The minty-green nugs are shaped like Christmas trees, weirdly enough, with orange hairs growing out from between them. Then, there’s the white coat of crystalized trichomes that looks quite delicious!

High THC at 15-19%

Sherbet is not as strong as other strains, but it’s not low in THC either. At 15-19%, this strain can produce some wild effects the likes of which you haven’t tried before. Initially, you’ll be hit by a wave of energy that knocks your mind into a motivational and mood-boosting streak. It’ll energize and make you completely happy, regardless of your personal problems or issues. By lifting up your mood, Sherbet prepares you for the relaxing journey ahead.

Once the high reaches a peak, you’ll be hit by the physical effects, which are quite sedative. A couch-lock of sorts will stabilize itself onto your body, leaving you a bit hungry yet completely relaxed. Nothing matters anymore, yet you won’t become sleepy either. With 85% Indica, though, the relaxation will be more than you can handle, and it feels just perfect.

Indica-dominant hybrid

It’s not surprising that Sherbet has an Indica-dominant profile, with only 15% Sativa. Its effects, albeit euphoric and energetic in the beginning, will come around to sedation and couch-lock sensations toward the end. It’s everything you can expect from such a sweet, fruity, and creamy strain. Endless relaxation is all you need, and that’s exactly what it offers.

Girl Scout Cookies X Pink Panties

Sherbet makes itself known via its parentage. Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most popular strains in the world, while Pink Panties is super potent and flavourful:

  • Girl Scout Cookies - With 25-28% THC and a 60% Indica profile, this strain is super creative, cerebral, and euphoric. Its cherry-lemon and minty-sweet flavour is already legendary in the industry.
  • Pink Panties - This 70% Indica strain is chemical, fruity, and quite tingly and sleepy. The body high is thoroughly sedative and relaxing, able to leave you unfocused and completely asleep in a couple of minutes.
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