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Rockstar Kush

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Rockstar Kush

Rockstar Kush is for those of you with a taste of glorious partying and euphoric cravings. This strain will bring it all together – the cerebral high, the couch-lock feeling, the introspection, and the taste of diesel-berry-pine skunk. What more could you wish from Rockstar Kush? This is a very potent weed strain with lots to offer, from euphoria and relaxation, to medical benefits.

Skunky and spicy flavour

Rockstar Kush makes you want to taste it over and over again like it’s the first time. The skunk will take over your senses, and the berry-pine flavours will impress you further:

  • Flavour – Between diesel, pine, and berry flavours, what do you choose? What if there’s a whiff of spicy skunk in there as well? Rockstar Kush may also have a dash of sweetness in the aftertaste.
  • Fragrance – Pungent skunk, sweet and aromatic blueberries, and spicy earth-like smells. This strain has all the right things!
  • Looks – The spade-shaped nugs are lime-green, and they’re covered in amber hairs. The last cherry on the cake is the crystal coat of trichomes covering everything. Tasty!

High THC at 25 percent

Rockstar Kush reaches a mind-blowing 25% THC concentration. With this much THC, it’s no wonder this strain is among the most potent in any online dispensary. You can buy it anywhere, pretty much. It’ll still rock your senses wildly. It’s also good for treating anxiety, depression, paranoia and fear, and chronic stress. With all the relaxation and comfort taking over you, there’s no place for stress in here. You’ll enter a state of bliss and bodily sedation that won’t leave you easily.

Indica-dominant strain

Rockstar Kush is a 75% Indica strain, with 25% Sativa. It’s mostly used by medical patients who want to alleviate various symptoms of illnesses. The strain itself is very potent and quite balanced between euphoria and sedation. However, due to the high Indica heritage, the sedation is profound.

Rockstar x Bubba Kush

Rockstar Kush is a crossbreed of the Rockstar and Bubba Kush strains:

  • Rockstar – This strain is a mainly-euphoric one, despite the 70% Indica heritage. It brings motivation and happiness after a simple smoke. The head rush will descend slowly, taking over your body and putting you under a couch-lock feeling.
  • Bubba Kush – The 100% Indica that may be related to the world-famous Hindu Kush, the Bubba Kush is a supremely relaxing weed strain. Many weed enthusiasts use it to alleviate insomnia, stress, depression, and anxiety.
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