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Rockstar Kush

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Rockstar Kush

Rockstar Kush, also referred to as BC Rockstar, is quite the famous strain in British Columbia for rocking the cannabis medical community with its exceptional and incredible health benefits. This marijuana is also a great choice for recreational users who enjoy a lighter and easy-going high. This amazing rockstar came to be by crossing three exceptional prominent hybrids. One of the parent strains is Sensi Star, which is considered to be truly legendary cannabis by many, that offers a deep relaxation coupled with an invigorating mental stimulation. The second parent strain is Master Kush that is famous for its full-body relaxation benefit that doesn’t cause a foggy and disoriented state of mind. And, the landrace Afghani Indica is the third parent used in creating Rockstar Kush. This Indica dominant cannabis strain contains about 75% Indica and about 25% Sativa with a 1% THC level. The low THC level is the reason why this strain does not deliver a heavy punch high, which is a favourite to those who prefer a more mellow high. Another favourite is its delicious aroma profile consisting of blueberry, earthy, pungent, skunky and spicy notes.

Rockstar Kush: Effects and Benefits

Rockstar Kush is not so much of a heavy puncher that knocks out the body and mind. Instead, it provides a soothing, calming and relaxing experience. The very first stage of the high can make you feel a warm, fuzzy sensation in your body. You will enjoy this even more as your pains, aches and body sores will seem to disappear. This is followed by a sense of ease and peace, causing your body to feel lighter. This relaxing state is soon followed by feelings of happiness leading into a state of elevating euphoria. If you consume this weed in a social setting, don’t be surprised if giggles and laughter will easily flow out of you, as any signs of worry and anxiety fade away into the background. You may simply find yourself in a blissful and jolly good state. So, don’t hold back. Enjoy every moment of this freeing happiness.

Medical and Health Properties

Many users report experiencing some effects of its Sativa content. These can be energizing, motivating and inspiring. For some, their mental clarity is elevated as their focus becomes sharp. It is no surprise to anyone as their full-body soothing relaxation translates into a positive and uplifted state of mind. This euphoric state can be just what you need in your struggles with depression, stress and anxiety. Those who tend to have some difficulties with sleeping might find this strain a good remedy. It won’t knock you forcefully out, but it is known to smoothly help its users transition into sleep. Its cerebral stimulation and mood-boosting properties can prove beneficial to anyone dealing with stress, depression and anxiety. And of course, its body high can alleviate pain and aches, even the one caused by chronic health conditions. So, buy Rockstar Kush online in Canada to enjoy its recreational and health benefits.
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