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Rainbow Kush

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Rainbow Kush

Rainbow Kush is the result of the three-way cross between the legendary Master Kush, Hindu Kush, and Montel’s Pride. Its Indica to Sativa ratio may differ depending on the phenotype, but usually, its Indica content is said to be around 70-85%.

Its THC levels may range between 17% and 22% depending on the batch with its CBD content being around 1%. The effects of Rainbow Kush usually deliver a mix of euphoric and relaxing high that may offer some boost in your mood while mildly soothing some of your pains and aches. 

A Calming Body Buzz

This medium potency cannabis strain usually offers a calming and soothing body high that may ease away some of the aches and pains in your body. Its soothing physical effects may help those struggling with nausea, potentially helping them regain some of their appetites.

Rainbow Kush can be consumed on an afternoon as its cerebral high may also offer a boost in creativity for some artsy projects, mood-boost for overall positive vibes, and higher levels of sociability for hanging out with friends. 

Rainbow Kush could be a great strain for beginner users as well with batches that contain lower levels of THC and Indica. But even so, we encourage new users to start with a small dose and slowly plus safely experiment with different dosages until they find the right match for their tolerance levels. 

All About The Pine

This Indica weed strain offers a generous amount of pine in both its taste and aroma profile. This dominant pine taste is enriched with hints of mild sweetness and spiciness and complemented by mild earthy notes. You may experience a coffee-like taste when you inhale its smoke that could leave a mildly spicy aftertaste in your mouth.

Vibrantly Elegant

With Rainbow Kush is its appearance that instantly catches one's attention. When this marijuana plant is close to the end of its flowering time, it showcases the pigments of the rainbow in a spectacular and vibrant manner.

Different shades of red, pink, purple, orange, yellow, and blue brightly contrast against the greens of the leaves and nugs. Frosty white trichomes elegantly decorate the whole plant’s appearance adding that perfect final touch to it. 

Rainbow Kush may offer you a relaxing afternoon translated into some creative inspiration and euphoric vibes thanks to its milder effects.

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