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Purple God

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Purple God

Purple God is extremely rare on the Canadian market because not many breeders can successfully bring this strain to life. It’s a 70% Indica strain with an insane THC concentration of 31-32%. This should be in the top 3 for most potent strains in the world, if not the most powerful one. It’s extremely helpful for helping you cope with stress and exhaustion since its body high is supremely powerful. Users report feeling a sweet relaxation that continues with a couch-lock sedation and relaxing sleep.

Fruity-grape flavour

Purple God is very tasty, with a fruity flavour and fragrance that should impress you quickly:

  • Flavour - Spicy grapes, sweet fruity aromas, and an herbal flavour that’ll freshen up your taste buds as soon as you take that first smoke.
  • Fragrance - This time, there’s a pungent spicy aroma of fruitiness with a dash of earthiness to top things off.
  • Looks - The tiny amber crystal trichomes are climbing on top of the bright-orange hairs, which grow unimpeded among the spade-shaped green nugs.

Unmatched THC concentration at 31-32%

More than a quarter of the cannabinoid content of Purple God is made up of THC. With a 31-32% THC concentration brought forth through that first smoke, you can imagine what the effects should be like. Instant bliss that leaves you totally relaxed and unfocused, with a dose of sedation that slowly builds up over time. Eventually, it should take over your body in a profound state of relaxation and sedation that extends throughout all your body.

Purple God may also make you sleepy, all the way to an instant siesta if you’re not careful. You’d better begin with a lower dose at first if you’re not used to powerful strains because Purple God doesn’t play around. While the hazy sleepiness in the beginning may seem harmless, the couch-lock sedation at the end is on another level. Either way, though, you should fully enjoy the sleepy and relaxing experience!

Indica-dominant strain

Purple God’s profile is 70% Indica, which isn’t a surprise considering how sedative and relaxing this strain is. There’s barely an ounce of energetic euphoria waiting for you, even during the first few smokes. At most, you’ll feel blissful and lazy, with your focus scrambled and destroyed. No euphoria for you, though. This is a full-fledged sedative strain!

God X Hawaiian X Purple Skunk

This strain is a cross between three different strains:

  • God - Widely known for its creative and euphoric high, God has an intense chocolate and skunky flavour that’s both pungent and sweet. Its effects should make you both happy and enthusiastic.
  • Hawaiian - A Sativa-dominant strain with 15-25% THC, sociable and creative effects that improve your mood, and a citrus-pineapple flavour, Hawaiian is an all-rounder with a great experience.
  • Purple Skunk - With 85% Sativa dominance, 15-18% THC, and a highly-uplifting experience, Purple Skunk is too good. It can increase your appetite, enhance your creativity, and please your taste buds with a grape and berry flavour.
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