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Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

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Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is widely recognized by users for its euphoria-inducing high. It should send forth a creative buzzing to your brain, which may act as a form of creative insights, if you need one. Either way, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies should make your mind work faster and quicker. The energizing effects of this strain are great, with uplifting and blissful effects that come into play as you keep smoking. Toward the end, a deep body high takes over, leaving you stoned and happy!

Fruity, herbal, and candy-infused flavour

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is extremely similar to its sister strain, GSC, though there are a few marked differences:

  • Flavour - Spicy-sweet berry flavour infused with a bit of candy sweetness and fruity freshness.
  • Fragrance - A whiff of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies smells of pine and earthiness, in a way you’ve probably never experienced before.
  • Looks - Whether it’s the dark-orange hairs or the green leaves covered in sticky and sparkling white trichomes, both are just as impressive!

High THC concentration at 18-26%

If we’re to say something about Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, it’s that most of the psychoactive effects are very potent. At first, your mind will enter a state of energetic euphoria that most users have described as electrifying and invigorating. Apparently, this breed of Girl Scout Cookies can enhance your mood by quite a bit, instilling a state of happiness in your mind. Though, this pales in comparison to the highly-relaxing effects Platinum Girl Scout Cookies should offer toward the peak of the high.

Balanced profile

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, which makes things pretty balanced. This psychoactive equilibrium manifests in intense euphoric shifts and profound sedation events. Both come and go constantly, putting you in a state of blissful sedation that’s filled with a feeling of constant happiness and giggling. Users who smoke Platinum Girl Scout Cookies should feel more relaxed and better than before, especially when the high reaches a peak.

OG Kush X Durban Poison

This strain didn’t just pop out of thin air. It was created by combining two famous strains:

  • OG Kush - Cannabis isn’t getting more famous than this. The 75% Indica strain with 19-24% THC and a lemon-pine flavour that rocked the world, OG Kush is an all-time American classic.
  • Durban Poison - Pure Sativa with ultra potency, Durban Poison has a rich history behind it. Its citrus and pine flavour is delicious indeed!
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