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Platinum Blackberry

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Platinum Blackberry

Platinum Blackberry is a fruity delight with sweet berry flavours and pine aftertastes. The 70% Indica lineage grants this strain incredible sedation powers. Your body and mind will be elevated and achieve peak relaxation. The deliciousness of Platinum Blackberry is only eclipsed by the deep and heavy high that touches your head and body. The high THC level allows this weed strain to alleviate many medical conditions.

Diesel and herbal flavour

Platinum Blackberry is very sweet and flavourful. The berry and fruity aftertastes are very intense:

  • Flavour - After it reaches a peak, hints of diesel and pine can be detected. The flavour is delicious from start to finish!
  • Fragrance – As for the aroma, you’ll smell spicy and dank berries, alongside woody whiffs.
  • Looks - In terms of look, Platinum Blackberry has tiny green nugs surrounded by bright-orange hairs. Sometimes, the hairs have tints of red surrounding them. The frosted coat of crystal trichomes surrounds everything, giving it a delicious impression.

High THC at 12-18%

The THC concentration ranges at about 12-18%, bringing it to a fairly high level. The increased potency of this strain manifests in highly-sedative effects. As soon as you take a first toke, the cerebral burn will hit your head with a bit of euphoria. The peak relaxation sets in, placing your body in the ultimate couch-lock state.

Indica-dominant hybrid

Platinum Blackberry is a 70% Indica with 30% Sativa. This means you should expect a lot of sedation and bodily relaxation. There’s almost no euphoria or rush of energy to speak of. You’ll feel uplifted and relaxed the more you smoke. The sedation becomes deeper and deeper, until your entire body becomes isolated from everything else.

While the onset starts with the head, the experience overwhelms your entire body. Due to this sedation, Platinum Blackberry can alleviate headaches, migraines, mood swings, chronic stress, and even insomnia. Buy it from an online dispensary right now to try it out!

Platinum OG Kush x Blackberry Kush

Platinum Blackberry is a crossbreed between Platinum OG and Blackberry Kush. These two are both Indica-dominant strains:

  • Platinum OG Kush – This 90% Indica strain reaches a THC concentration of 16-21%, and is perfect for insomniacs. It alleviates anxiety as well. The hash and fruity flavour carries over to our Platinum Blackberry. This strain is a staple in the weed industry in terms of its therapeutic potential.
  • Blackberry Kush – This weed strain is fairly potent in its Indica effects. The relaxation and comforting feelings you get with Platinum Blackberry mainly come from Blackberry Kush. The kush and berry aromas are very delicious and mouth-watering.
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