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Pinkstar is a cross between the classic Blood Rose and the potent Indica Death Star strains resulting in a rare 100% pure Indica marijuana plant. Its flavour is rich with notes of ginger and pepper thanks to its unique blend of terpenes. This cannabis strain generally has very high THC levels; depending on the phenotype, this can vary between 18-26%. Pinkstar is ideal for nighttime use as it may help your body relax while alleviating its pains and aches. 

Best Suited For Experienced Users

Pinkstar can be a strong knockout even for experienced users because of its extremely high Indica content coupled with its high THC levels. If you are not yet confident about what dosage is best fitted to your tolerance level, we would recommend starting with a smaller dose and slowly building on it if necessary. 

The effects of this cannabis bud can act fast and they can last longer. Pinkstar pairs well with activities that don’t require much doing, such as watching movies with friends, or vibing on some chill tunes while relaxing on your couch. You will most likely feel so relaxed under the high of this strain, that you won’t want to do anything else besides staying locked to your couch. And maybe snack on some of your favourites. 

A Strong Body High

Pinkstar is known for its strong body high that carries pain-relieving effects. When you consume this plant, you may notice that the levels of the pains and aches in your body slowly decrease allowing you to enjoy some restful time. 

This bud offers a spicy aroma with notes of pepper and ginger complemented by earthy and gas-like undertones. With some phenotypes, you could also notice some diesel and skunk notes. Its flavour can carry a spicy cinnamon taste when inhaled, while upon exhale you may notice a musky, herbal aftertaste. 

Enchanting Looks

Pinkstar features a well-defined appearance with large leaves that look like spades with broad stems that move into a narrow pointed end. A fun personality shows off in the colouring of its leaves showcasing shades of bright green contrasted by dark green patches. In cold temperatures, you can easily notice streaks of purple being present in the leaves. Burnt orange pistils playfully make their appearance amongst the leaves. Dense and cream-like trichomes generously cover the buds of Pinkstar.

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