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Pink Gas Mask

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Pink Gas Mask

Pink Gas Mask is an AAAA-type of cannabis strain with a great berry and lemon flavour. There’s a loud, gassy smell inviting you to taste this strain as soon as possible. Pink Gas Mask offers a sweet vanilla aftertaste combined with a very pungent fragrance.

Vanilla-sweet flavour

A self-respecting online dispensary should have the Pink Gas Mask on display. This strain is extremely complex in terms of aroma and flavour:

  • Flavour – The vanilla flavour overwhelms your nostrils with euphoria and sedation as soon as you taste it.
  • Fragrance – Pink Gas Mask floods your nostrils with a gassy nose and a special tone of vanilla sweetness.
  • Looks – This strain has fat and healthy neon-green nugs, with unique orange-purple colors dotting the plant. A thin layer of crystal trichomes is also present.

Medium THC at 12-18%

Depending on the actual growth conditions and heritage, this strain can reach up to 18% THC concentration, which is a medium concentration by many standards. Still, it’ll affect your body and mind in unforeseen ways, sedating you almost instantly. This strain helps you manage symptoms of fatigue, stress, insomnia, and anxiety.

As an Indica strain, Pink Gas Mask offers quite a sleepy and relaxing experience. You’ll also experience the munchies if you give this strain a tour de force. The smoke is smooth and flavourful, allowing you a glimpse into the true secrets of Pink Gas Mask’s sedative effects.

Indica-Dominant hybrid

Pink Gas Mask is an 80% Indica strain, which means you’re in for the sedative experience of a lifetime! The heavy body load gives relaxing vibes and helps you unwind after an exhausting day at work. If you smoke this in the evening, it’ll help you appease your inflammation, insomnia, or muscular stiffness. It’ll also increase your appetite as soon as the second smoke is out.

Pink Kush x OG Kush

Pink Gas Mask combines the sweetness of Pink Kush with the heavy body high of legendary strain OG Kush:

  • Pink Kush – The sweet vanilla flavor continues from the floral and earthy fragrance, finishing with a powerful euphoric and relaxing high. This is a therapeutic strain with an emphasis on Indica effects, so it’s a great treatment for insomnia, stress, inflammation, and depression.
  • OG Kush – OG Kush needs no introduction other than its 75% Indica heritage. The THC concentration goes up to 19-24%, making this a very powerful cannabis strain with a panache for sedation and relaxation.
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