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Pink Deathstar

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Pink Deathstar

Pink Deathstar is a great strain for experienced users. It is a 100% pure Indica with THC levels that usually reach a whopping 23% or even higher levels. This marijuana bud offers a spicy experience with its aroma and taste, blending notes of peppers, diesel, berries, earthy, and ginger with a pinch of cinnamon. An evening with Pink Deathstar might be all the care you need to release negative vibes and find comfort in relaxation. 

The Sleepy Strain

Pink Deathstar is a cross between Death Star and Blood Rose and oftentimes it is referred to as the sleepy strain. The high of this strain is known to deliver deeper levels of relaxation to both the mind and body, ending in a much-desired restful sleep. 

Depending on the dosage consumed and one’s tolerance levels, Pink Deathstar can see you through a low-key evening, whether this involves a lazy hangout time with friends, listening to music or watching some movies. Or, if you are someone whose tolerance levels are easily reached and you may have consumed too much of this bud too soon, your evening might hit the fast-forward button landing you in a state of sleepiness and soon one of sweet dreams. 

Striking Looks

Pink Deathstar is a stellar-looking marijuana plant. Its eye-catching appearance features large cone-shaped leaves that are dark green. Oftentimes patches or lines of pink and purple can be noted on the leaves of this plant as a result of cold temperatures. 

The dark green leaves are decorated with bright orange hairs that complement the looks of this marijuana plant beautifully and elegantly. A coating of trichomes cover Pink Deathstar as a testament to the potency of its effects. 

Your Gain

Just as with all cannabis strains, but especially the most potent ones, the key in getting the best experience and best effects is found in dosage matching your tolerance levels. Each experience with a marijuana bud has its goal to make it your gain by offering you potent and best effects. 

If you are an experienced uses clear on your tolerance levels, then consuming Pink Deathstar is a no-brainer. But if you are still new and still experimenting with dosages and wondering about your tolerance levels, determined to enjoy the benefits of Pink Deathstar, then the safest way to go to gain the most from it is to start with a small dosage and slowly build it up over time. 

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