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Pink Death

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Pink Death

The name of this strain comes from its potent Indica effects. The couch-lock state and sedation that come with Pink Death are mortifying, in a good way. The THC concentration is high enough to impact your brain from the get-go. When the high reaches the upper threshold, the euphoria turns into mush, and so do you. The mental and body mush become your new state for the next few hours.

Earthy and pungent flavour

Pink Death has an almost petrifying flavour of pungent earthiness:

  • Flavour – There are a few tints of lemon spice and sweet vanilla coming from Pink Death’s parents here.
  • Fragrance – In terms of smell, Pink Death has a nasty earthy odor. One may say that it smells of gravestones and fresh bone powder, considering its name.
  • Looks – Small green nugs coated in a frosted coat of trichomes, covered in pink hairs that dot the entire plant surface.

High THC at 12-18%

Pink Death is quite potent at 12-18% THC concentration. If it reaches 18%, this strain becomes an exhilarating journey through your mind. Fortunately, this is an Indica-dominant hybrid that won’t flood your mind with endless euphoria. The onset contains a bit of energy and euphoria, which immediately turn into sedative relaxation and bodily tranquility. You’ll barely notice how you fall asleep after taking a few smokes!

Indica-dominant strain

Pink Death is a wonderful Indica-dominant strain that will rock your body and mind in unexpected ways. The sedation that results from such a smooth smoke if definitely one of the best we’ve seen. Deep relaxation envelops your entire body, alleviating symptoms of appetite loss, depression, anxiety, stress, and inflammation. In other words, Pink Death is an excellent therapeutic solution to many medical problems.

Death Bubba x Pink Kush

Pink Death is the offspring of two excellent strains, Death Bubba and Pink Kush. These two strains are both Indica-dominant hybrids with a panache for sedation and relaxation:

  • Death Bubba – This strain is an absolute punch to the head. Its THC concentration range is at 25-27%, which makes Death Bubba one of the most powerful strains in the world. This is a 70% Indica strain that delivers an intense sedation and feeling of sleepiness.
  • Pink Kush – The 90% Indica with a delicious kush nose is here! This weed strain is available in any online dispensary thanks to its unmatched therapeutic potential. It can treat anxiety, epileptic disorders, chronic strains and pains, and more.
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