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Pineapple Nuken

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Pineapple Nuken

Does Pineapple Nuken an explosive euphoria sensation that cuts off your bad thoughts from the root? Yes, it does! Is Pineapple Nuken a 50-50 perfect Indica-Sativa hybrid? Indeed, it is! Does this strain have an electrifying and shiver-inducing flavour of pineapple and zesty citrus? Of course, it does! Anyone would love to buy Pineapple Nuken from an online dispensary right now! The flavour and aroma are entirely worth it!

Vibrant pineapple flavour

This beauty of a strain has the most delicious pineapple flavour you’ve ever tasted:

  • Flavour – Like we said, the main flavour is pineapple, combined with a hint of fresh citrus and oranges. The limonene is very rich in this one!
  • Fragrance – The fresh aroma of pine melts in the intense tropical fragrance of pineapple. All of this will explode in your nostrils, giving you a unique olfactive sensation.
  • Looks – The nugs are a vibrant green, surrounded by orange hairs. The frosty layer of trichomes serves to emphasize the delicious nature of this strain.

High THC at 12-18%

Pineapple Nuken boasts a potent high due to the 12-18% THC concentration. In just a few words, this strain will nuke your brain with a wave of intense euphoria and joy. It’s an invigorating sensation that won’t leave you until the high reaches a peak. That’s when the 50% Indica heritage delivers a potent couch-lock experience. This strain can alleviate depression, insomnia, low appetite, and stress.

Balanced hybrid

Pineapple Nuken is a 50-50 Sativa-Indica hybrid, which means the effects are also balanced. Once the cerebral burn begins, your brain will be flooded by a rejuvenating rush of euphoria. All negative thoughts vanish, your mood stabilizes, you feel as if the world is your kingdom. Then, the relaxation ensues as you drift down an avenue of comfort and bodily sedation.

Pineapple Haze x Nuken

Pineapple Nuken combines two equally delicious and cerebral strains:

  • Pineapple Haze – This 70% Sativa is the precursor to Pineapple Nuken in terms of delicious tropical flavour. This strain also has potent medical applications, since it alleviates PTSD, chronic fatigue, depression, and chronic pain. Pineapple Haze is incredibly aromatic and skunky in its own right.
  • Nuken – This strain reaches 13-25% THC concentration, and considering its 80% Indica heritage, Nuken delivers a potent sedative experience. The marshmallow skunk will leave you mouth-agape and drooling in an instant. The earthiness and sweet pine flavours only complete an already delicious treat!
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