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Pine Tar

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Pine Tar

Pine Tar came to be by crossing two pure Indica Pakistani landrace strains. This plant carries THC levels that generally average around 20% - depending on the phenotype, you may find some variations of this. The buds of this cannabis plant usually offer a pleasant pine aroma and flavour to your experience with a touch of citrus and skunk. If you are a sweet tooth type preferring fruity tastes, then this strain might not be the right fit for you. Pine Tar shows great potential in boosting your appetite, helping you feel relaxed by soothing some of the pains in your body, and helping you get into a sleepy state at the end of your night. 

Elation And Relaxation

The first stage of Pine Tars’ high can be uplifting and euphoric. For some users, this cerebral high can offer some mental energy but generally, this stage is soon followed by a heavier sedative physical buzz. This can lead to deeper levels of relaxation that may easily end in a peaceful sleep. Its euphoric high can push some of the negative feels to the side bringing some happy feels and a comforting embrace to your present moment. 

Pine Tar, due to its relaxing effects, can help both your mind and body to reach a level of calmness that is both soothing and comforting. Its sedative properties can potentially help relieve a myriad of physical pains and aches. 

A Sea Of Orange

Pine Tar, even though you might expect a definite green look, is known for its orange looks. Its leaves do carry a darker shade of green, but its buds look orange right at first glance. Besides dark green leaves, this cannabis strain prides itself with golden-looking leaves as well. Orange pistils do offer a fun spin to the appearance of this strain. The overall look is made even more beautiful by a covering of trichomes that also seem to be clothed with a golden nuance. 

The Key To A Great Experience

When it comes to marijuana and having the best of experiences with it, the key that opens the door to this is a simple one - know your tolerance level and adjust your dosage accordingly. These two aspects are key for a positive experience with Pine Tar (and any other strain) if you wish to enjoy the best effects this bud can offer. 

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