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Peyote Breath

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Peyote Breath

Peyote Breath is a cannabis Indica strain that is to be enjoyed by experienced users. Because of its higher Indica content, this weed bud is great for a late afternoon or evening smoke when you don’t wish to do much, except kick back and relax with a good movie or simply hang out with some of your favourite people. Its THC levels average at about 26%-27% resulting in intense effects suited for experienced users. This marijuana strain has an intriguing taste with a mix of vanilla, guava, coffee, and earth notes. Many users opt for Peyote Breath to soothe some of their physical aches while also relieving worries. 

Soothing Euphoria

Peyote Breath contains euphoric and subtle mood-enhancing properties that can be soothing. You may not feel an energetic push to go and get things done. Instead, you may find yourself comforted by a warm soothing sensation that may calm the sea ranging in your mind caused by worries. 

You will most likely experience this calming effect in your body, as well as a sensation of relaxation that may alleviate aches that could be causing you discomfort. This may allow you to kick back and get into a bubble of comfort, enjoying an evening of quietness and tranquillity. 

Relaxing Into Sleepiness

Peyote Breath carries strong sedative properties besides its enjoyable euphoric and relaxing high. When smoking this bud, towards the end of it (or perhaps even sooner, depending on the dosage you consumed), you may find yourself drawn in with a greater sense of sleepiness. Many users choose this weed strain for its great abilities for inducing a good night’s restful sleep. 

A Pleasant Taste

The aroma and taste of Peyote Breath are quite unique and delicious. The featured notes of this cannabis bud are dominantly guava, vanilla, earth, and coffee, making for an overall tasty mix. This could be very tempting to many beginners, but it is important to be mindful of its intense effects.

Best For Experienced Users

The THC content of Peyote Breath usually averages at 26%, causing the euphoric and relaxing effects of this strain to be intense. The potency of this marijuana bud is best suited for experienced users and for individuals with high tolerance levels who require a stronger high to fully benefit from the properties of cannabis strains. 

If you are a more experienced user but not very confident in your tolerance yet, start with a smaller dose and slowly increase it if you consider it necessary. 

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