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Orissa India Flyer

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Orissa India Flyer

Orissa India Flyer is an intense magic mushroom that should only be experimented with by experienced users. The physical high of this shroom causes a strong body buzz while its hallucinogenic high places you into a dimension that is out of reality. The visuals are vivid and intense, you won’t be able to drive or operate any type of machinery while under the high of this magic mushroom. Well, the only thing you will be able to do is to lay back and marvel at this new uplifting experience with awe-inspiring moments. Orissa India Flyer may pick you up with its energetic and happy high. This may lead you to a state of excitement and tranquillity. 

An Almost Unmatched Potency

Orissa India Flyer is one of the most potent hallucinogenic mushrooms. In some cases, it can prove too intense even for some well-seasoned shroomers. To enjoy a positively uplifting high, we recommend starting with a micro-dose, instead of a full dose. The high can take 30 minutes to fully kick in, or even more. Don’t re-dose during this time. The high can last as long as 5 hours, so make sure you are not in a rush to get anywhere when consuming this magic shroom. 

The strong body buzz caused by Orissa India Flyer might make you feel like you are moving in slow-motion, or it might freeze you in time as time itself also slows down significantly. You may hear sounds in a way you have never heard them before. Everything in your surroundings might become distorted in an awe-inspiring way. You may come to new spiritual revelations and a whole new level of appreciation for everything surrounding you. 

Which Is The Best Way To Consume This Shroom?

This is a question that comes up a lot, and the answer simply is: it depends. The good news is that you can probably find a method of ingestion that fits your preferences. You can eat Orissa India Flyer as it is, raw. You just need to make sure to chew them well so you get all its juices out. 

Some don’t enjoy the raw taste of magic mushrooms, so they prefer adding them to smoothies, cooked foods, or tea. For either of these options, you can easily dry Orissa India Flyer and grind it to create a powder. For tea and cooked items, such as toppings or sauces, you don’t need the powder form. Regardless of how you consume this hallucinogenic shroom, remember to start with a small dose. 

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