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Organic Goddess CBD 3:1

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Organic Goddess CBD 3:1

Organic Goddess CBD 3:1 offers a steady yet potent dose of sedation that kicks in over a few hours. The long-standing effects of this strain are truly a bless for people with chronic stress. It’ll relax your body and sedate your mind in a couple of minutes, leaving you wallowing in a state of blissful comfort. You’ve never tasted such a level of comfort before because only a highly-concentrated cannabis strain is capable of this. Thanks to the CBD dominance, this strain is not violent or aggressive in any way, only relaxing!

Soothing relaxation and tranquility

Calmness is the word of the day here. With Organic Goddess CBD 3:1 at your side, you can calm yourself down at any time. Coming back from work exhausted and worried? Take a few smokes from this strain, wait for the effects to kick in, and enjoy! The way this strain works is that the CBD reaches your brain and instills a mental balance or equilibrium, if you would. It instills a sense of peace, ease, and calmness that will carry on for the duration of the high. Low THC levels means weak psychoactive effects, as well!

Though dominant, the CBD collaborates with the THC in what’s called the Entourage Effect. The two cannabinoids synergize together, leading to more potent effects, regardless of their nature. So, even if CBD is the dominant one, THC works together with it to offer more potent sedative and relaxing benefits. This results in plenty of health benefits, a thoroughly enjoyable period of peak relaxation, and a calm mind that can be of help in stressful times!

Tips and recommendations

Organic Goddess CBD 3:1 is a prime-grade strain with ample relaxing and sedative benefits. It would be a pity to waste the product by consuming it inefficiently or failing to use it in its most effective form. For proper use, we recommend smoking it gradually. This way, you get a more intense and long-standing effects of relaxation that cover your entire body from top to bottom. Just take your first smoke, let it sink in, and then take a few more smokes for good measure.

If you take it slow, the CBD in this strain will have fast access to your brain, where it can do its magic. This way, the effects are more potent than ever before, putting you in a state of prolonged relaxation and sedation that seems to never end.

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