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Orange Push Pop

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Orange Push Pop

Orange Push Pop carries higher THC levels that generally average around 23%, although some variations may occur depending on the batch. It is considered an Indica dominant strain, yet its effects follow the suit of a Sativa strain that generally makes its users feel euphoric, uplifted, and oftentimes motivated, depending on the phenotype of this plant. The aroma and taste of Orange Push Pop resemble notes of orange with a mild presence of vanilla. 

Mild Effects For Novice Users

Orange Push Pop is usually considered an all-day strain because of its mood-boosting effects that may help you feel energized both mentally and physically. The effects of this cannabis bud are generally mild making it an ideal strain for individuals who are new to smoking marijuana.

The creamy orange and vanilla flavour of Orange Push Pop make this bud even more enjoyable. You may notice that when you inhale its smoke, orange stands out the most, but vanilla notes usually make their presence known upon exhale. 

Happy Feels

Orange Push Pop is known for offering its users a high with happy feels, causing some of them to get giggly in a fun social setting surrounded by great friends. When it is harder for you to find mental clarity and motivation to excel at the tasks laid out in front of you, this marijuana bud can potentially uplift your spirits, clear the fogginess in your mind, and help you tap into the motivating energy you need to make the most of your day. 

Orange Push Pop may have mild effects, but if you are new to smoking cannabis, then we highly recommend following the safe rule of consuming marijuana. Until you become certain of the right dosage for you based on your tolerance levels, start with a very small dose. If the dose you are starting with is not enough to deliver the desired effects, you may consider increasing it slowly. 

Dense And Small

The appearance of Orange Push Pop features buds that present different shades of green embraced by bright orange hairs. The dense buds of this strain are covered in trichomes.

When you get Orange Push Pop, look out for its phenotype and variations in its Indica content as some might carry Indica as high as 90%. In this case, the strain would be best suited for nighttime use instead of daytime use because of the highly relaxing physical high it can deliver.

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