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OG Kush

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OG Kush

If you’re smoking Kush, you can’t go wrong with the OG.

OG Kush is the foundation of many of today’s most popular strains. There’s a reason for that. OG Kush consistently delivers, with high THC, unique flavour, and a well-rounded high. If you haven’t tried OG Kush, that needs to change now.

Fresh Flavour

While all strains have a distinct smell and taste, OG Kush is next-level. The aroma and flavour are so prevalent among Kush strains that it’s simply known as the “Kush” smell. It’s a famous fragrance that OG Kush has passed on to many of its descendants.

Fragrance – OG Kush’s complex scent combines hints of spices and herbs. Some have described it as smelling “hashy.” It also features some earthy, citrus, and pungent odours. OG Kush derives most of its scent from a terpene called myrcene.

Flavour – A strain’s scent only tells half the story. Its taste tells the rest. OG Kush’s flavour compliments its fragrance perfectly. It’s a lively taste that dances across the tongue. Heavy, smooth smoke makes inhalation easy. It’s not very harsh, although it may induce coughing.

Look – light, fine, and fluffy. OG Kush nugs are rich with trichomes, glistening in even the faintest light. Bold orange hairs proudly surround its buds. You may not find any royal purple hues. Instead, this strain exhibits a verdant variety of green colours.

High THC Strain

OG Kush has enjoyed a reputation as a high-THC strain for decades. It’s hovered consistently around 18 percent. THC content has gradually increased over the last decade across all strains. As a result, OG Kush’s THC content is now just slightly above average. 

That’s not a problem, though. In fact, it actually makes this strain more approachable for newer smokers.

Hybrid Genetics

No one is sure what “OG” really means. It’s accepted to stand for “original gangster.” Other interpretations exist though. Some believe it means “ocean grown,” a tribute to the California coast.

Regardless of its name, OG Kush boasts 55/45 sativa-dominant genetics. That gives it an evenly-balanced high. When it hits, it’s utterly relaxing. It also provides a powerful rush of euphoria. That combination of effects makes OG Kush is a perfect late-day strain. 

Unknown Origins

OG Kush’s background is shrouded in mystery. Legendary grower Matt “Bubba” Berger first cultivated this strain in Florida before moving to California.

What we do know about OG Kush’s lineage is that it includes Hindu Kush genetics. Hindu Kush is a landrace strain from central Asia. It’s also one of the original indica plants that emerged globally in the 1970s. The Hindu Kush plant that spawned OG Kush is believed to come from Amsterdam.

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