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Nuken is a very powerful and potent Indica dominant cannabis strain that contains approximately 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. This plant was originally created in Canada by the well-known Cash Crop Ken, by crossing the award-winning God Bud with Shishkaberry. Nuken is popular for its strong but delicious high. It is a perfect choice to use in the evenings by both recreational and medical cannabis users. Generally, it is known that this cannabis strain averages between 13% and 25% THC levels, also many have found its potency to reach as high as a staggering 30%.

Fragrance, Flavors, and Appearance

The structure of this cannabis plant features dense and large nugs. These are coated with chunky trichomes and sticky resin. Although it may look a bit rough and bumpy, it has one of the most delicate taste in comparison to many of the other cannabis strains on the market.Its flavour is similar to baked marshmallows, accompanied by some interesting aroma notes of pine and skunk. Its aroma profile is one of its biggest traits and the reason for its popularity. Nuken’s fragrance is typical of sweet marshmallows with a slight hint of earthy undertones.

Nuken: Great Effects and Medicinal Health Properties

Nuken is considered to be one of the most highly potent strains on the market, which is why it is widely used by more experienced cannabis users. Its high usually kicks in fast, and it is known to be very strong and long-lasting. The intense high Nuken has to offer is best enjoyed on a night at home, whether you wish to enjoy its effects alone while watching a movie or listening to your favourite playlist, or with your friends while playing games or just hanging out and reminiscing of great memories. Nuken is known to be quite a joy to smoke, according to many of its users. The first stage of its high delivers a cerebral stimulation, leaving you in a state of euphoria as it helps you chill out and find your inner peaceful and happy place. Since this won’t drop a heavy sedation effect on you, don’t be surprised if suddenly you find yourself sociable. Some users do report falling into the tendency of spacing out a little bit. This cannabis strain has proven to effectively deal with stress. This can clear your mind from negative and overbearing thoughts. Nuken is considered a well-rounded medicinal aid for many different health conditions. Its calming and mood-boosting properties, that provide the cerebral stimulation, can help those suffering from depression. As the high goes on, you can experience a highly relaxing effect on your body. This can work wonders when it comes to soothing and alleviating aches and pains, such as headaches, muscle tensions, and muscle cramps. Its sedative properties may induce a good night’s sleep, making it a good choice for anyone dealing with sleep disorders. This cannabis strain may be the answer and the solution to your needs. Buy Nuken online in Canada to benefit from its great effects.
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