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Mojito delivers intense euphoria and energetic feelings that stem from its 80% Sativa-dominance. The THC concentration reaches 23-24%, which means the effects will be very potent, no matter how much you smoke. Even your first smoke will be filled with cerebral outbursts of giggling and uncontrollable laughter. A sense of peace will flood your brain at the moment you thought things were over. Physical relaxation and blissful sedation are next on the list!

Chocolate, citrus, and flowery flavour

A few things that Mojito excels at are its flavour and aroma. They’re beyond delicious, put simply:

  • Flavour - This strain feels like sipping on an actual chocolate mojito, with hints of lemon, flowery citrus, and sour lime.
  • Fragrance - An earthy and flowery aroma will flood your nostrils, bringing a hint of sour orange and herbal mixtures. It all comes back to lemon, though.
  • Looks - Mojito has very small and rounded nugs, with orange hairs growing around them. A coat of frosty crystalized trichomes is layered on top of the bud, as well.

High THC concentration at 23-24%

When that first smoke registers on your mental screen, you’ll be begging for one more hit. Once the THC kicks in, your mind will relish in a feeling of utmost euphoria and invigoration. What you thought was boredom and stress will now turn into cerebral rejuvenation, limitless energy levels, and a calming body high that doesn’t seem to end. This strain uplifts your mood from the very first smoke you take.

Then, it’ll sedate your body and calm down your stress and exhaustion. A sense of peace and bliss fills your entire body. If you don’t know what true relaxation feels like, give Mojito a shot and you’ll find out! This experience will turn into a lazy day for you, one fueled by the chocolate fumes and Sativa-driven effects of Mojito. Despite being relaxed and sedated, you won’t lose focus or energy at all.

Sativa-dominant hybrid

Mojito is a Sativa-dominant hybrid bred from Limegerian and Orange Blossom Trail. Its main area of expertise is cerebral invigoration, euphoric rejuvenation, and higher energy levels. While you can expect a sense of relaxation taking over your body, that’ll kick in only toward the end. Initially, your mind will soar with ecstasy and enthusiasm, in a journey of utmost euphoria.

Limegerian X Orange Blossom trail

In terms of parentage, Mojito comes from two iconic strains, both of which are delicious and potent:

  • Limegerian - With a fruity, spicy, and pine-infused flavour, this strain will enhance your creativity, elevate your appetite, and calm down your mind. Its average THC concentration runs between 20-24%, as well.
  • Orange Blossom Trail - This is a hashy and lime-infused strain that offers Indica-dominant effects. It’ll sedate you into a super couch-lock state that seems to never end!
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