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Modified Grapes | Gastown

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Modified Grapes | Gastown

Modified Grapes by Gastown is a slightly Indica-leaning cannabis hybrid, containing about 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. The THC levels of this weed bud range between 15%-18%, offering mild to moderate relaxing and mood-boosting effects. The taste and aroma of Modified Grapes by Gastown Collective carries hints of grape, fruity berries, and earth with a pinch of diesel fuel. This marijuana strain was created by crossing Garlic Cookies with Purple Punch. The appearance of this weed strain is nothing short of spectacular with bright orange, purple, and green colouring. 

Uplifting And Relaxing Effects

Modified Grapes by Gastown provides mild to moderate potency so that you can enjoy a gentle but stimulating push to get through your day, finishing up those last-minute tasks from your to-do list with a sense of energetic motivation. The relaxing effects of this cannabis bud are usually potent enough to ease away physical discomforts bothering and weighing you down while delivering elevated energy for productivity.

The relaxing and uplifting effects of Modified Grapes usually offer a comforting sensation of warmth and happy feelings that may address some of the anxious thoughts that are making it hard for you to ease up. This state of calmness may help you feel a positive feeling of centeredness as being grounded enough to effectively tackle some of the challenges in front of you. 

A Strain For Different Types Of Activities

Modified Grapes can be used to enjoy a number of different activities, either alone or with some of your besties. Many of our users have reported that they have enjoyed different types of activities with the euphoric, uplifting, and relaxing effects of this strain. These activities can be painting, yoga, hiking, fishing, or even some calming video or board games. 

A Delicious Taste Of Grapes

The aroma and taste of Modified Grapes by Gastown offers a sweet dominant note of grapes, followed by hints of fruity berries, earth, and diesel fuel. 

The appearance of this cannabis strain is just as pleasant as its taste and aroma. Modified Grapes is one of the most beautiful looking marijuana plants as it features a beautiful colour combination of purple, light greens, peach, and bright orange. The overall look of this cannabis plant is perfected by generous layers of white trichomes that look like a combination of frosty crystals. 

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