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MK Ultra

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MK Ultra

MK Ultra paints itself as a hyper-hypnotic strain that takes your mind through shanty-town as soon as you take that first smoke. Its 70% Indica dominance certainly makes sure of that! This strain is highly intoxicating, with a sleepy and relaxing state of mind that spreads throughout your mind, as well. You won’t be able to resist the effects for too long, which means you’ll wallow in a state of superb relaxation for quite some time. What’s not to like?

Sweet, woody, and pine flavour

MK Ultra has a really skunky aroma that continues on the same note with the flavour:

  • Flavour – You’ll get a taste of pine and woodiness, with a sweet overtone covering everything up. It’ll become enjoyable after a few solid smokes!
  • Fragrance – Its smell is what decides whether you like it or not. The chemical, earthy and pungent aroma is an acquired taste, though it’s easily enjoyable with the right mindset.
  • Looks – The strain is very leafy, with green nugs which are closely packed together. There are brownish and orange hairs growing everywhere, covered by crystal trichomes.

High THC at 15-18%

When it comes to potency and cannabinoid concentration, MK Ultra is somewhere toward the lower end of the spectrum. Though still potent in its own right, other strains are superior to it. Still, don’t take this the wrong way because you can really get high on MK Ultra. Its Indica effects are overpowering once the high reaches a peak. Your mind will feel drowsier and calmer than ever before.

And then, it comes to the physical sedation that you’re been longing for. These effects only take place when the high is at its maximum intensity and you’re ready to enter into sedation. Even if you’re stressed out or exhausted, you can still get your bearing with this strain. It’ll eliminate any remnant of stress from your system, which is just fine, considering relaxation was your goal all along.

Indica-dominant strain

You’ll get high with ample relaxation and sedation just as soon as the high kicks in. A couple of smokes in and MK Ultra will hit your harder than anything else. This is a hard-hitting strain that hypnotizes you when you least expect it. The mental effects are powerful, with cerebral benefits that are quite long-standing and intense. You’ll never even know how long you have before sobriety.

G-13 X OG Kush

MK Ultra combines the traits of two strains:

  • G-13 – Grown up to be extra potent, with 70% Indica inheritance, this strain is both euphoric and relaxing, with ample intoxicating potential. It also smells of herbal extracts, pine, and earthy sweetness.
  • OG Kush – Cannabis isn’t getting more famous that OG Kush. This all-time favourite is super potent, with 19-24% THC, and 75% Indica effects. Its lemon and woody flavour is a perfect match for the couch-lock sensation it offers.
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