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Melonade is unlike your usual fruity strain in that this one contains contrasting aromas that, weirdly enough, work together wonderfully. You’ll notice lemon and melon flavours combining together in a sweet yet somehow citric taste that’s wonderful. Being a 90% Sativa strain, Melonade does exactly what you’d expect – enhances your creativity and uplifts your mood in a split second. The smoke is smooth and euphoric, with a relaxing effect toward the end.

Fruity-herbal flavour

Melonade brings together two of the best tastes in the world, fruity citrus and herbal spiciness:

  • Flavour – This strain offers a peace-offering in the form of lemon, melon, sour herbal spiciness, and a potent fruity flavour.
  • Fragrance – Citrusy pungency with a spicy and sweet herbal smell, Melonade brings forward an earthy rough aroma, as well.

Very high THC at 24-27%

Melonade is very potent, even among top-ranked strains. While its THC concentration doesn’t go above 30%, it reaches quite close. When at its most potent, Melonade is capable of astounding feats of electrifying euphoria and creative focus. Even during your first smoke, you’ll feel the cerebral buzzing hijacking your focus from the get-go. It won’t be long before your brain is near-fried with enthusiasm and uncontrollable laughter. It’s not that brutal or aggressive, but rather enjoyable.

Though, once the euphoria comes to an end, the physical relaxation can begin. A relaxing body calm keeps you totally calm and couch-locked during the experience. It’s not totally sedative like other strains, but it does a good job at keeping you focused on what matters the most. It maintains your head in the game, achieving a solid contemplative state of flow!

Sativa-dominant hybrid

Melonade couldn’t have been anything else other than a full-fledged Sativa hybrid. With its taste, being an Indica would have ruined everything. Instead, the crispy and intense melon-lemon combination brings with it a cerebral outburst of epic proportions. Your mind will have to undergo a shift in disposition, going for a more euphoric and energetic approach to matters. It’s all good once you realize how creative and focused you become.

Lemon Zkittlez X Lemon Tree

Melonade is an excellent cross between Lemon Zkittlez and Lemon Tree, two equally tasty and powerful strains:

  • Lemon Zkittlez – One of the highest THC concentrations on the market, a sour citrus aroma, and extreme potency define Lemon Zkittlez. It draws your mind into a state of euphoric rejuvenation that never seems to end, not until the physical effects begin.
  • Lemon Tree – Yet another lemon-infused strain, this time a super sour lemon one. With 20-25% average THC and balanced effects, Lemon Tree is very sharp and uplifting, with ample relaxing effects toward the end of the high. It’s a matter of taste, yet Lemon Tree also has a diesel flavour to it!
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