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Mc Flurry

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Mc Flurry

Mc Flurry is a rare, evenly balanced hybrid, with 50% Indica and 50% Sativa content. Even though it is evenly balanced, this weed strain is popular for its energetic cerebral and body high that offers happy feelings, creativity, and positive vibes. The Indica content of this bud doesn’t go unnoticed either. Its relaxing properties ease away worries in the mind and tensions in the body for a day of enjoyment and productivity. Its THC levels can jump from moderately high to staggering as these may range anywhere between 20% and 34% depending on the batch. With such potency, even some of the most experienced marijuana veterans can get a good knock-out with a higher dose. Mc Flurry carries the dominant notes of sour and sweet with an overall herbal taste. 

A Daytime Happy High

Mc Flurry is a daytime strain because of its euphoric, energetic, and stimulating effects. This surge of energy and positivity can be felt in your body and mind alike, potentially offering you a creative and productive boost throughout your day. You might find the needed motivation to get going with tasks on a workday or to enjoy some outdoor activities with some friends. 

If you are an artsy person enjoying DIYs, drawing, or painting, you may find that the creative high of this weed strain offers you that touch of inspiration to create. The happy feelings of Mc Flurry can be felt through optimistic feels and a relaxed state free of worries. 

Uplifting Relaxation

Mc Flurry usually provides a relaxing body high. This high is sedative enough to ease physical discomforts that cause you some hardships when you need to move around or to get some physical work done. But generally, it won’t cause a couch-lock effect unless you consume a good amount from a batch with staggering high THC levels. The relaxing properties of this marijuana strain may offer ease and comfort for both your mind and body. 

A Savoury Taste

Mc Flurry has an aroma and flavour worth mentioning. The overarching taste of this weed bud is sour and sweet, enriched with complex notes of deliciousness. Its sweet and sour herbal taste is complemented by a rich chocolate mocha coffee touch. 

The aroma of this weed strain gives off notes of sour earthy, and spicy herbs. Subtle notes of coffee can be detected that are accented by savoury diesel hints. 

If you are trying this strain out for the first time, and even if you are a well-seasoned user, we recommend consuming it at home, just in case the effects prove to be more potent than you expect them to be with THC levels as high as 34%.

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