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These Mazatapec Cubensis shrooms hail from the mushroom mecca of South America. They’re native to the mountainous region of Oaxaca, Mexico. Mazatapec Cubensis get their name from the Mazatec indigenous people, who used these shrooms for religious purposes along with self-discovery.

What are Psilocybin and Psilocin?

Psilocybin and psilocin are the two psychoactive ingredients in shrooms like these Mazatpec Cubensis. They’re highly effective molecules that interact with the brain’s neurotransmitters. These interactions cause a psychedelic trip, and set in after about 1 hour. Effects of a trip include:

  • Visual hallucinations: both of these psychedelic substances trigger hallucinations. These bold visions overlay themselves on a user’s field of sight. With low doses, hallucinations are mild. Psilocin tends to bring on more powerful hallucinations than psilocybin does.
  • Uplifted emotions: shroom trips often begin with a euphoric rush. If you’re tripping in a group, laughter often becomes contagious.
  • Yawning: many trips begin with fits of yawning. Interestingly, shrooms also increase wakefulness.

These effects peak after 1-2 hours. Shroom trips usually last between 4 and 6 hours. However, these aren’t the only way that shrooms can influence humans.

Understanding Self and the Universe

The ancient Mazatec people used Mazatapec Cubensis shrooms to help them better understand the world and themselves. They used Mazatapec Cubensis to receive advice from the universe.

Now, you can harness the introspective powers of these shrooms yourself. Psilocybin may be able help users overcome depression and anxiety. It’s also been used to battle addiction. 

Old-School Shrooms

The Mazatec used Mazatapec Cubensis shrooms for thousands of years. However, they became globally popular in the 1950s.

A banker named Gordon Wasson met with Maria Sabina, a Mazatec shaman. Sabina introduced Wasson to Mazatapec shrooms during a ceremony in Mexico. Wasson wrote a book about his experiences, which thrust shrooms into the international spotlight. These Mazatapec Cubensis shrooms are the same genetic line as the ones Wasson originally used.

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