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Master Kush

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Master Kush

The Master Kush plant is just like the name says - the best Kush cannabis strain in the world. Coming from authentic landrace Indica parents in the Hindu Kush region, this strain has it all - citric taste, earthy and pungent aroma, and powerful narcotic effects. We're not saying that Master Kush is the one to rule all other cannabis strains - that's what the consumers are saying.

In particular, Master Kush is known to be a favourite of Snoop Dogg, and we all know that he has a unique love for quality weed. This one is a 90% Indica weed strain, with THC levels reaching up to 20%, making it very powerful. Ever since its appearance, it has won many awards and prizes for best cannabis strain.

Lemon-earthy tasting mixture

When you first taste Master Kush, it almost seems bland, common, with nothing interesting to show. However, after a few seconds, a powerful citric aroma will invade your nose, coupled with a strong lemon taste. That's just an appetizer though - what comes next is even more attractive.

The earthy sweetness that takes over your taste buds will rock your world. Some people have also reported getting a slight woody aroma combined with everything else. It's not surprising, given that this the progenitor of all Kush strains. With such a taste and smell, it would be hard to call it otherwise.

The strain doesn't disappoint in terms of narcotic influence either. While it's not an absolute couch-locker, it does pack quite a hefty punch. Your state of consciousness will become fuzzy but you won't drop dead from sleepiness. Instead, a shot of euphoria and relaxation will help you rise from the ashes, more performant and active than you've ever been.

Near-perfect Indica hybrid

We're talking about a 90% Indica dominance here, which is a given, considering the Master Kush's highborn ancestry. The landrace Indica strains in the Hindu Kush region are renowned across the world for their superiority. The plant will have the following characteristics: Broad leaves, Short height, Tightly-packed buds, Preference for cold climates & Shorter flowering cycle.

The broad leaves and short height will help you appreciate the abundance of trichomes that Master Kush comes with. The crystal-like coat covering the plant is made up of trichomes, which produce the cannabinoids we all love and cherish. Despite the high THC content, the taste and aroma are mellow, certainly not explosive or overly aggressive.

This strain is very easy to grow, and you will usually have to wait around 8-9 weeks for the flowering period to begin. The harvests are above average, for both indoor and outdoor conditions. As we said, Master Kush prefers colder climates, so outdoor environments are preferred.

Total body relaxation

Master Kush will get you up and running but not in an aggressive manner. Instead, it will numb your body slightly, giving way for relaxation and sedation to take over. You'll feel physically better, and psychologically ready to do just about anything. Your awareness will receive a boost up as well, so you might want to consider being more productive.

Other consumers have reported that Master Kush puts them to sleep almost instantly. It depends on what you're using it for - if you consume it before sleep, chances are you're going to fall asleep. Its most powerful effect, however, remains the sedative one. While it doesn't make you unresponsive and overwhelmingly sleepy, it greatly facilitates relaxation.

As a result, you might start becoming sleepy just because your body loses all the accumulates tension. It's a great solution for the stress of any kind - you won't believe just how relaxed and soothed you'll be feeling after taking a hit. The Master Kush's unique psychedelic effects will leave you wanting for more every time you smoke it.

Natural remedy for loss of appetite

Master Kush will make you want to eat everything in the fridge alongside the fridge itself if you're not careful. You'll become famished and the more you eat, the hungrier you're going to be. Let's just say that, by the time you're done smoking Master Kush, you'll need to go grocery shopping because there'll be nothing left.

Besides making you as hungry as a ravenous wolf, Master Kush will relieve you of muscle tension, mild pains and aches, and stress. There's nothing that can compare to the relaxation formula provided by the Master Kush's intoxicating effects. If you do find something stronger than Master Kush, it will be another Kush strain, for certain.

Moreover, why do you think Snoop Dogg favoured this strain over any other? Because it sparked his creativity and pushed him to reach into his hidden potential. Many consumers have claimed they were much more creative and flexible when it came to brainstorming ideas.

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