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Mac and Fritter

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Mac and Fritter

Mac and Fritter weed hybrid offers moderately strong mentally boosting and physically relaxing effects as its THC levels usually range somewhere between 16% and 21%. You may discover a variation of its potency with different batches. The cerebral high of this cannabis hybrid could potentially help you get through your work projects with increased levels of focus and mental sharpness, or you could use the creative side of its high in your free time to create some art projects. Mac and Fritter usually provides mood-enhancing properties that could help ease your anxious feelings and worries so you can relax into a state of calmness and inner comfort. Being a hybrid carrying beneficial properties of both Sativa and Indica, the high also provides a full body relaxing effect. This won’t slow you down, at least not initially. You may notice an energetic stimulation physically as well. 

The Cerebral Effects

Mac and Fritter is a cannabis hybrid, with benefits for the mind and body. The cerebral high of this marijuana bud may promote higher levels of focus and sharpness, but it may also provide a surge of creativity that dives deep into inspiration. If you are someone who likes to get things done, you may be able to laser-focus on your tasks and accomplish your to-do list. But if you are more of a creative individual who likes to create, you might use this mentally stimulating and relaxing high to create a new art project. 

With the euphoric, mood-boosting, and overall positive vibes of this marijuana strain, your appetite may also decide to join the party. If you are not home when smoking this bud, you might want to find some snacks and get your hands on them before the munchies potentially kick in, fully requiring your attention. 

The Full Body Relaxation

Mac and Fritter, as mentioned earlier, also carries beneficial Indica effects. With a sense of positive energy moving through your body that may ease tensions, you may also feel a comforting sense of relaxation. You might feel as though your body becomes lighter and you could enjoy a walk in the park, or some other outdoor activities. 

Depending on the dosage you take in relation to your tolerance levels, the strength of the high may vary from lower to stronger. We recommend starting with a small dose if you are new to this strain and see how that feels. 

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