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Lord Stanley’s Gift

The history of the Lord Stanley strain goes far back in the history of Canada. If you know anything about hockey, you will know that Stanley Cup was created and named after Lord Stanley as a celebration and gift to him. After more than a century, we’re honouring him by offering this unique strain in co-operation with some of the best growers out of British Columbia.

Balanced Hybrid

A cross between OG Kush and Blue Dream, this is a very popular balanced hybrid strain producing complete full-body relaxation and invigoration from the Sativa and Indica mix. You will experience a gentle euphoria while being calm and still be able to focus on what you are doing. Novices can experience some sedation but the veterans rarely get this feeling

The aroma from this unique cross comes off as spicy and flavourful with some skunk smells. Since it has part Blueberry in it, you get the sweet berry aromas which in themselves will make you happy.

The THC levels comes in just shy of 20%, which is a nice middle ground that works for both novices, veterans and anyone who wishes to buy weed online.

We recommend this strain for treating pain, depression, nausea and ailments similar for anyone using this as medicine. We’ve also heard of users who suffer from ADD who have said that this strain helps them out immensely with focus and quality of life. We recommend pairing this with some premium Canadian CBD for the best effects.

Like Art for the Public

The buds in the Lord Stanley’s Gift can be seen as nothing but majestic, presenting themselves like a monument when grown. There’s no competition to this strain when looking at the flowers themselves. If you’re looking to grow your own plants, this is a true winner.

When correctly cured and taken care of the buds they are very frosty fro the 20% THC content, the colour is usually deep dark purple with hints of orange. The buds truly do come out as massive and dense

Common Effects

The Lord Stanley strain works great as a bonding strain for you and your close friends. A perfectly balanced hybrid gives you a relaxed calming feeling while keeping you awake and focused from the Sativa. There’s a euphoric part to it which is the primary part of this experience, and it makes you very talkative at the same time.

Similar strains includes Pink Kush, Platinum Kush and Death Bubba. Even though these have a slightly heavier Indica to them, which will make you sleepier and more relaxed, the effects have a lot in common.