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Lemon Trainwreck

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Lemon Trainwreck

Lemon Trainwreck is the product of crossing Trainwreck and Lemon Diesel with THC levels that can reach as high as 20-23%. This strain carries a citrusy aroma and flavour profile with some diesel and skunk notes. 

This marijuana flower is also referred to as Lemon Wreck that contains about 65% Sativa and about 35% Indica. The euphoric high delivered by this strain usually boosts creativity and laughter, making for a great and fun social time with friends. 

A Strain That Wrecks Stress

Lemon Trainwreck is the strain that can effectively, powerfully, and quickly clear stress and tension out of your way. Who wants to be overwhelmed by tension when you can be overflowing in energy, euphoria, and positive vibes. 

When life causes a drop in your mood, Lemon Wreck can boost it for you, enabling you to make the most of your day and having the best of time with your activities and friends. 

Citrus for Reinvigoration

The citrusy lemon fragrance and flavour of Lemon Trainwreck can bring the feeling of an exotic smoking experience. Its aroma and energising effects can have a soothing and uplifting reinvigorating effect on your overall state. 

As your mind thrives on creativity, brighter thoughts, and clarity, your body can notice a sense of lightness and relaxation, easing up knots of tension that might make moving around a bit uncomfortable. You might want to take advantage of this stage of the high to have fun, be active, and jump into playing that game or dancing because a wave of munchies and sleepiness usually follows. 

“Give Me The Munchies”

This is the sentence you might find yourself saying as your appetite may slowly increase as an effect of the high. If you are at a social gathering with your friends then you are set because usually, these parties have the best of snacks with a great variety to choose from. But if you consume Lemon Trainwreck home alone while kicking back and enjoying a movie, then you might want to think about having some snacks close by. 

After you satisfy your hunger, you might want to make yourself comfortable in a spot where you won’t mind slipping into a deep sleep, perhaps even deeply sleeping through the night. The end phase of this strains’ high is known to offer a strong and restful sleep for most of its users.

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