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Lemon Thai

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Lemon Thai

One look and one taste are all it takes to fall in love with Lemon Thai. Naturally, this is a cross between Thai Sativa and Hawaiian, two equally tasty strains. The offspring tastes of minty lemon, with a sweet herbal-tea aroma. As for the psychoactive effects, this strain is best used for its cerebral outburst and euphoric invigoration. It’ll energize your brain so much that you’ll become more sociable than you’ve ever been. Your focus should also improve substantially, leaving you on the tip-toes of adrenaline overflow.

Minty-lemon flavour

Lemon Thai isn’t your regular strain with a complex flavour. Instead, it has a rather simplistic yet delicious taste:

  • Flavour - Citrusy lemon with a juicy and sour minty aroma, coated in a sweet-tea flavour that melts into your mouth.
  • Fragrance - Again, you’ll come face to face with citrusy lemon, bitter lemon, minty lemon, and all kinds of lemon-related aromas.
  • Looks - Small, forest-green nugs coated in a layer of frosty trichomes that shine like crystals. Lemon Thai is quite appealing, visually speaking!

High THC concentration at 20-22%

One important aspect of Lemon Thai that increases its value is the high THC concentration. You’ll know how potent this strain is from the first toke you take. A cerebral outburst will energize your mind, sending shivers down your spine and improving your mood. It’ll leave you blissful, in a state of perpetual happiness and relaxation that doesn’t end too soon.

When the cerebral and creative high comes to an end, it’ll settle down and foster a sense of relaxation. Lemon Thai moves on to the physical relaxation and sedation, the ones that calm you down no matter how stressed or exhausted you are. Keep in mind that this strain is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, with effects from both profiles kicking in at some point.

Balanced profile

Lemon Thai is a hybrid with balanced effects that takes the best things from its parents, Hawaiian and Thai Sativa. When the cerebral euphoria hits, it hits hard, leaving you a giggling mess that can’t stop laughing. You become more sociable than you’ve ever been, and your communicational abilities shoot through the roof. You’d talk to anyone, at any time, for a long time. And you’re too happy to even care!

Hawaiian X Thai Sativa

This bud is a cross between two popular strains, and both specialize in key aspects:

  • Hawaiian - With a THC concentration of 15-25% and 60% Sativa inheritance, Hawaiian is very potent, with ample creative and energizing effects. It tastes of pineapple, citrus, and sweet tropical fruitiness!
  • Thai Sativa - A pure Sativa hailing from Thailand, this strain has a THC profile ranging between 20-24%, and a herbal, pine-dominant flavour that smells of sweet wood and spicy earth. It’s very energizing and euphoric!
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