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Kush Mints

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Kush Mints

Kush Mint should be the mantlepiece of any cannabis connoisseur’s collection, thanks to its deeply intense mint aroma. The kush flavour doesn’t give you any chance to prepare for the impact. It just explodes in your mouth, giving you a sudden feeling of satisfaction and relaxation. As the effects spread downward, Kush Mint takes you through an introspective and wholly relaxing journey.

Overwhelming kush and mint flavour

There’s no way you won’t enjoy the powerful mint and kush flavour oozed by Kush Mint. It’s not something you want to miss in this life and the next:

  • Flavour – This perfectly-balanced hybrid offers a delicious mint and kush flavour, fraught with shades of coffee and herbal sweetness. You’ll feel a bit of spiciness and woody aromas here and there.
  • Fragrance – The fragrance brings more of the same, though the earthy and coffee flavours are more profound here. Before you taste it, Kush Mint impresses you through spicy herbal aromas and woody whiffs!
  • Looks – Crystal-clear trichomes, surrounded by countless orange hairs, all of which are placed around the oversized forest-green nugs. A few amber undertones can be seen on the nugs, as well.

High THC at 22-24%

Kush Mint doesn’t play around with flimsy THC levels. It’s up at 22-24%, which offers an idea regarding the potency of its effects. As soon as you take a toke, you’ll feel a warm sensation going down your spine. Then, a wave of soothing relaxation touches both your mind and body, calming down your anxiety and depression. It’ll also help you overcome chronic pains, aches, inflammation, and nausea. None of these symptoms last long in front of Kush Mint’s potency.

Especially when it comes to medical applications, Kush Mint rises above other strains thanks to its hyper-high THC concentration. Also, thanks to its 1:1 Indica-Sativa balance, the effects aren’t particularly energetic and euphoric. Instead, the emphasis is on sedation, relaxation, soothing tranquility, and bodily comfort. Even if you suffer from bipolar disorder, cancer, PTSD or OCD, Kush Mint will help you with the symptoms!

Balanced hybrid

Kush Mint has 50% Indica and 50% Sativa inheritances from its parents. Clearly, this strain was devised with the goal of balance in mind. There’s too little euphoria and energy involved in the high to call this strain an energetic one. Instead Kush Mint relies on good-old sedation, relaxation, and healing benefits to impress you!

Bubba Kush x Animal Mints

Kush Mint is a cross between Bubba Kush and Animal Mints, two equally flavourful strains:

  • Bubba Kush – This 100% Indica has a rich history behind it, one coaxed in mystery, unfortunately. We do know that it smells of coffee and herbal sweetness, and it has potent relaxing effects.
  • Animal Mints – A delightful dose of mint flavour and one of the most powerful couch-lock sensations in the world. That’s exactly what Animal Mints delivers, with a THC level of 25-32%.
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